Customers from Australia turned to us with a task to develop an online service, allowing to book and purchase tickets to entertainment events for groups. The target audience of the app are corporate clients, therefore our priority was to provide not just online reservation and purchasing options, but also features, enabling the ability to book additional resources, such as banquet service, parking reservation and others.
Solution and Result
The application architecture includes two parts: a User portal and a portal for System Managers and Administrators. Corporate clients can choose their preferred events, book tickets and services for any number of employees in the User section of the web platform. To do that, they just need to fill in the personal data and contact information of their employees, and the system will automatically generate and send each guest an invitation. The Administrator portal includes a great set of tools, allowing to arrange events and monitor ticket sales effectively. The managers are able to review and sort booking requests and confirm reservations. The app also helps to organize resources for an event, view the statistics of sold tickets and received requests and manage the distribution of invitations.
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