“Magora have shored up my belief in appointing offshore contractors for work, after a few bad starts. I have found the effort to understand my requirements as first class. I will definitely recommend these guys and already I am in negotiations for further projects.” Nigel Clark

One of our UK based clients asked the Magora developers to create a bespoke solution for them, which would have functionality similar to that of Smartsheet project management software, and which would have a better, more intuitively clear user interface that would be integrated with mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. The new enterprise application allowed for collaborative planning and task management. That means Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Resource Management and Cost Management. The solution created by the Magora team, Projectvue, provides a convenient work area for office staff and mobile personnel. It does not matter which device they use - all data are immediately available for analysis and planning in the company’s DB. This software offers businesses a way to remove a lot of paperwork and enjoy a more direct workflow. Magora application developers leveraged their experience in designing iOS and Android mobile applications and desktop bespoke software. They have crafted Projectvue so that users can access it on their computer or their mobile (iOS and Android) gadgets and take advantage of the sleek interfaces our team has created for this enterprise application.
Solution and Result
Businesses needs to have a convenient instrument for management and planning, and Magora developers rose to meet that challenge with enthusiasm, working hard to provide the agreed functionality and data integration in Projectvue. The reality of a cross platform approach to apps on different mobile devices is that iOS and Android each have their own development standards. To create apps for both platforms means to build two separate custom apps. The Projectvue applications are unique from a programming point of view. Each is optimized for different mobile phones and tablets screen sizes and uses different program architecture, but they still maintain uniformity in their interfaces. In Projectvue, we have designed a user interface that does not overwhelm, but instead lets users naturally work through each process and capitalize upon this powerful software. Mobile development is the newest wave in technology that help companies meet their business goals, and Projectvue demonstrates how they can be brilliantly implemented by Magora’s software and application developers. As a valuable tool, Projectvue requires a powerful foundation. For that reason, we have chosen Amazon as the host for this cloud-based solution. All that potential now can lies at the employees’ fingertips, because they, not the middleman, enjoy a bird’s-eye view of everything that transpires. They save money, time and energy as they oversee Enterprise and Materials Resource Planning, Estimation and Cost Management, Business Process Management, Communications and so much more! Investment in Projectvue proved itself dramatically, as the client was able to see huge returns, earning 25% additional revenue because of the better business planning and management Projectvue offered them.
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