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"A great project team that successfully tackled a large project, the end product delivered looked good, performed well and exceeded my expectations. During the project they were always available to chat, they raised issues themselves, worked within our project process; after deployment they remained attentive supporting any questions or issues identified."
 Ken T.


The Eastern Australia railway network needed a solution to automate railway fault detection and facilitate the technical engineers work. The systems objective was to monitor hardware reliability, analyse statistics and send regular reports. The main challenge was to make the software handle enormous volumes of data received from numerous transponders which had been installed on the rails.

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To help the company manage its technical work, our software engineers developed a system that retrieves data from RFIDs installed in the transponders, stores it in the database; afterwards it analyses the data and creates regular reports. Since the number of RFIDs is large the system has to process large volumes of data, so we used batch processing, external indices and keys for building the database. We also created a separate background service for analysing the data and applied painstaking mathematical calculations to improve performance and output. The end product delivered is now successfully used within the company, contributes to prompt troubleshooting and railway network development.

Magora: Solution and Result
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