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“Rumine Asset Management” is a Swiss company widely recognized as a reliable asset management company among many prominent financial organizations worldwide. The clients were looking for a highly customized web solution to accomplish several goals. First, they needed to keep their clients informed about their asset management results. Second, they wanted an effective intranet system to have access to clients’ profiles, gather and edit analytical information and create reports. The company was disillusioned with the services of their previous development vendor, as the web portal they had produced didn’t live up to expectations and had insufficient functionality.

Magora: Brief

The original web portal our client had at hand was implemented using PHP+ Joomla!. Having closely reviewed the product, we came up with a solution to start the project from scratch and use a .NET framework with a custom CMS. Only that way we could ensure all the custom requirements were fulfilled.

Magora: Solution

Our team of designers and developers worked in close rapport with the clients’ representative to create a comprehensive web portal that would be specifically tailored to their custom needs. During a highly iterative work process, we built a “3 in 1” web service. Corporate clients can manage their accounts and have constant access to their cash flows and asset operations, receive financial statistics and analytics. On the flipside, Rumine employees can manage dynamic data and perform complex financial calculations. The system was also integrated with Win Service – a service that automatically retrieves analytical data from Yahoo! and sends out reports and news to clients on the mailing list.

Magora: Result
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