Magora Systems had a wonderful experience of collaborating with Mandara Capital - an established investment manager specializing in trading crude oil and oil product derivatives. The company needed an efficient solution to streamline and accelerate their stock trading operations.
As stock trading is a highly multitasking and complex sphere, the application had to have a great deal of functional elements located on a single screen. So, the first difficulty that arose was the layout for iPad. As this device scales HTML-pages by itself, it was difficult to set the necessary parameters to make all the buttons fit into the screen. Another problem was that the pricing calculations were originally implemented on the server side. This significantly affected the speed of data refreshment on the screen. Therefore, we decided to transfer the calculating operations to the client side. The data is retrieved from the two databases (MySQL and MS SQL) and calculated in bulk right in the browser.
Our intensive work resulted in a sleek web-application designed exclusively for iPads. With this app, the Mandara Capital Brokers can easily view stock price changes, trends, instantly buy and sell stocks by tapping a single button. Stock Blotter is also an excellent checklist manager, as it allows brokers to see checklist status, collaborate with each other and leave comments.
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