Development Team or Freelance App Designer?

Both the client and the web developers for hire will work together to achieve excellent results and bring your business to the next level, ensuring dedication using the monetary commitment. Another option is hiring a freelance app designer. However, there may be some risks involved, like low motivation, lack of time or communication difficulties. Our experienced specialists have come up with some advice and tips you should take care of when choosing the app developer for hire.

Define The Purpose of the App

Before initiating a search for mobile app designers, one needs to identify the exact purpose of your app - what do they need to do and what your business wishes to achieve? Without a clear vision of your app’s requirements and business objectives, your representatives will not be able to communicate your ideas to the develop you hire. Spend some time browsing the app stores and trying out applications of your competitors, to see what may look attractive within your app, what features should be incorporated in your app and what is in demand on the market:

  • Does your business need an app for iOS or Android, or for both platforms at once?
  • Does your app need to be integrated with social networks?
  • How will your users to login?
  • Does your business need a native app or a cross-platform app, as the two options significantly differ in price?
  • What is the monetisation strategy to follow?
  • Do you want your app to be free or have a lite and a paid version for the customers to choose from?

When you have thought these questions through and defined your mobile strategy, there is a comprehensive project plan in your mind. It is time to proceed to the quest for a developer.

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Interview the Candidate

Outsourcing app development for any platform, your representatives should necessarily contact the outsource developers and talk to them before hiring.

Rather than writing long email letters and waiting for hours for a response, use one of the popular messengers to chat with the candidate and discuss the job in real time. Skype may be most suitable for the task, as it is installed on most computers and is preferred by many app developers. Other options you can use are messaging services like Viber, Facebook, Telegram, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and more to interview the prospective outsource developers, share feedback on the project and communicate instructions.

Live Chat Or Video Conference

The major advantage of messaging programs is that they give you a chance to talk to the candidate in real time. Such services allow business people to have a live conversation with the outsourced developer and get your questions answered immediately. Another efficient way to contact the candidate is a video conference, which is available through many modern messengers. The video conference may be even more useful, as it not only enables one to get immediate answers and have a live chat, but also allows to see many nuances about the outsource developer that no one is able to notice via text.

How to Find an Outsource App Development Company?

Needless to say, as it is already known what kind of app is required to build, what the developer need to do. For example, if your aim is to create a native application for iOS, it is obvious that you have to look for an outsourced developer skilled in the Apple’s operating system, or if the business wants to create a messenger, your company will need outsource mobile developers with similar projects in their portfolio.

There are many different ways to find IT specialists, but the easiest one is to simply place an ad on a freelancing platform like,, or any other, where qualified professionals will offer their services. You will be able to write a description of your project, the qualifications needed from an outsourced developer and set a budget for the development. For example, publishing a job at Upwork, you will be able to browse the profiles of outsourcing developers and invite the ones of preference to consider working on your project.

Placing your advertisement, ensure that all your requirements are specified in detail and communicate the demands and the exact purpose of the app to any developer who bids on your job. Describe all the requirements, including the platform for the app to run on, the features and your expectations for the final looks of the product. Here is a useful tip that may help to find the right outsource developer for the job - to make sure that you do not get copypasta responses and that the developer who writes to you have truly read the job description and have a clear understanding of the requirements, place a line somewhere towards the end of the description asking the bidder to answer a small question or do something when they respond. For instance, one can tell bidders to make a certain action in their post, like “write the phrase “Incredible app” in the last line of your post to demonstrate that they have read the job description and understood the requirements and qualifications”. Without a doubt, anyone will be amazed how efficiently a simple thing like this can spare one from unworthy candidates.

No matter what platform you use, always read the information about the prospective outsource developers carefully. If your feeling is that their profile does not give all necessary information, do not hesitate to contact the developer and ask them as many questions as you need. Typically, publishing an ad on any of the platforms listed above will bring responses as fast as within and hour. However, take it slow and do not accept the first bid received. Wait for a couple of days or maybe even a week, depending on your timeframes, to gather a pool of prospective outsource developers to choose from.

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What Questions to Ask in the Interview?

Surely you already know what to look for in a perfect outsource developer, but should not ignore one valuable skill - communication. Outsource project development is a complex process, and you need the developer who is quick to understand your business and who are willing to cooperate and explain every aspect of the development that the client may not be knowledgeable in. First, ask the specialists about their background in outsourcing software development either for iOS, Android or hybrid, take a look at their portfolio and ask them to provide you with client reviews if they have any. Another important factor is the outsource developer’s responsibility: if the client arrange a meeting via Google Hangouts and the person does connect to you on time, it may be an important sign, warning that the expert has problems with discipline and commitments.

Discuss the Costs

No matter what price is set when initially posting the job, the bidder may demand a higher price for their services. Do not rush to dismiss the bid just because the price is higher than the one mentioned in the advertisement. Keep in mind that the outsource developers may have a good reason for the high bid that they will be able to explain to you. Do not forget that platforms like Upwork allow posting jobs without defining the price, letting the outsourced developer suggest the sum the expect to receive for their work.



Outsourcing: is it Worth IT?

The answer is yes: if you take your search for the right outsource developer seriously, your company will be able to find the perfect one to meet all your requirements. Do not pick anyone that bids on your job just to get the project completed as fast as possible. Set aside some time to get to know your candidates and to evaluate them until you get the perfect one to deliver a product that will fully satisfy your business needs.

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