Magora’s Business Web App Solution for Product Price Monitoring

Price Policy Control


Brands owners are often faced with the problem of verifying the whole chain of sellers from the distributors to the retailers. One of our American clients dreamed of using a special web tool as his business assistant for MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) monitoring and price determination. It’s imperative for manufacturers to quickly identify any companies that engage in predatory pricing in order to take measures and prevent pricing a collapse on products. The client envision being able to do this through some kind of dashboard with a simple interface and a lot of useful options for brands owners options, but also with the capacity to conduct marketing research. Marketers and merchandisers usually perform these functions, and when they do, they have to manually assemble a database and fill it with a wealth of information. But such a job takes a great deal of time and the data quickly becomes outdated.

What our client needed was a qualitative working tool for business, so Magora’s team of software developers snapped into action. We dug deep into all the nuances of his work and then offered our unique solution.         

Magora: Brief

This dashboard was a complex, but manageable task for Magora’s experts. At the same time, the project itself is a very useful and interesting business tool. It has been designed on the base of Semantics3 service and waterfall methodology. Our programmers have implemented all the necessary options for price monitoring and protection of the brand on the Internet. The principal ones include:

  • Online price parsing. The app allows users to keep retailers’ prices in check through review of compliance with MAP. This function quickly helps marketers to discover any precarious situations, avoid pricing conflicts and properly position their brand in the marketplace. In cases of violation, the program automatically sends email notifications and alerts.        
  • Full database. The web app contains a wealth of data, including product catalogues, retailers and distributors. All this information permits producers to see offers, obtain everyday online coverage of SKU level activity and keep archival data.    
  • Analytical reports. This product delivers analytical reports by email about prices to admin and users according to selected parameters, so they can oversee a dynamic price policy.    
  • Supply chain oversight.  Users can keep tabs on authorised dealers to detect grey market sellers and counterfeit products.
Magora: Solution

With this app Magora provides a business instrument for brand owners that helps them to monitor and control the whole sales structure and the whole chain from major distributor to small retail. It’s easy to gain access to this web app from any device, ensuring the brand price policy is always under control, anywhere, anytime.  

As a result of some ingenuity on the part of Magora’s developers, many marketing processes were automated in the app. Clients gets the latest and most comprehensive about the position of products on the market.   

Because of this app, manufacturers can see analytic reports as a result of online price parsing without the need for additional labour and manual work. It minimises the chance for mistakes and saves financial resources. Magora’s app consolidates all marketing data about the brand, establish control over the chain of dealers, provides a balance between sales volumes, allows identification of sellers violating price expectations and permits users to respond promptly to price violations. This business tool bore positive fruits within the first weeks of its implementation. Our client discovered and eliminated threats from eight companies with pricing violations in that month. Over the next six months, the number of violators dropped to an average of only one or two companies per month. This leads to increase in the wholesale volume by 20%.       

Now business stability is always in hand, and our customer doesn’t need to worry about the price policy control thanks to Magora’s bespoke web application.          

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