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Hire the Magora UK team with our more than eight years’ experience and get a bespoke app with powerful and scalable advanced performance to meet the needs of your business.
We are an accredited software development company with more than 150 employees in our internal team and more than eight years of successful work within the IT industry. We are proud of each of our 200+ projects and happy to have numerous grateful customers from startups and large enterprises in the UK and worldwide.

What we Offer

The launch of an app can provide strengths and essential functions for mobile phones and portable devices. Of course, you could use a DIY platform, such as TheAppBuilder or AppMachine and build a simple app with a predefined set of functions. However, such an app will hardly be able to meet the needs of your business. As a result, you’re likely to spend time and money in vain.

As a professional developer, we specialise in the creation of innovative and robust solutions and the implementation of excellent functions in mobile devices. We are proud of our in-house team of skilled and experienced app creators who have studied the know-how in the development of next-generation apps.

Create your App with Professional Developers

Publish the Requirements of the Task

By introducing project management based on results and fluid communication, we provide the highest level of customer service. Our analysts thoroughly review the needs of the project and determine the appropriate support that we, as creators, can provide.

Inform Analysts of the Details of the Assignment

The experts will talk to you immediately to address any questions related to your project and will contact you to provide a first-class solution for your project.

Select a Commitment Period and Timeline

Based on consultations provided by experts, you can select the commitment schedule for the development of the project.

Pay Securely Online and Start

When payment is made through a 100% secure online system, the team will immediately begin its mission within 24 hours.

Reasons why customers choose us

  • Flexible participation model
  • Associate Certificate ISO 9001: 2008
  • Strong technical competence
  • More than 150 professional developers with more than 8 years’ experience
  • Dialogue without interruptions via phone / Skype / chat / email
  • A decisive and results-based strategy that guarantees 100% satisfaction
  • Price model and competitive maintenance
  • 24-hour, 365-day support in all time zones

Technical Expertise

By offering highly profitable apps, our creators transform business problems into digital solutions covering diverse industries. Subcontracting the essential elements of your app to our creators saves up to 55% of the cost. The team can successfully integrate apps into existing business models. With a wide range of industry experience in creating software and deep technology know-how in many business sectors, we work closely and carefully with client companies.

Your vision is an opportunity to transform these into an excellent project. A group of trained, intelligent creators perform difficult tasks to convert ideas to digital solutions in real time and implement them in numerous touch points.

With a deep knowledge of development strategy, we offer robust programs that respond to your particular needs. Our creators will administer predefined logic techniques and quality control practices to provide business-focused solutions that meet the growing needs of your customers.

Here in the UK, our creators don’t just code programs. We provide cost-effective mobile solutions and maximise your return on investment.

We are very focused on supporting clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at all times. The team can introduce first-rate communication processes and provide the most convenient technical support backed by the most useful tools and technologies, so you’ll know the IT experts have your back.

Advantages of Working with us

  • Choose from over 150 different software creators with extensive experience.
  • Get a ready-to-use IT infrastructure equipped with the best facilities.
  • We completely control the structure of the crew, the system of transparent participation and the comprehensive creation of reports.
  • We offer established intellectual property protection technology (NDA) and a 100% ROI guarantee.
  • We fully control your initiatives (schedule / deliverables). The project is advanced in the "agile environment", which means it’s developed in real time.
Technical Capacity
Our working method guarantees the provision of a high-quality multi-platform program together with a cost-effective solution and the necessary steps to help maximise return on investment. With a dedicated team of developers, we are one of the best multi-platform app development companies in the UK and are committed to meeting the most demanding needs of our clients and acquiring the broadest audience for your business. Our achievements and past projects are brilliant showcases of our skills and abilities.
Quality Assurance Service
Our team includes a group of diligent and highly qualified experts, oriented to the client, with diverse quality-control and testing capacity. Our creators have experience in multiple complex software program structures, including advanced platforms such as the web content management system (WCMS), customer relationship management (CRM), ERP and large-scale, high-load customer websites. We have experience in providing QA both as an extension of development or as an independent service.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

We Make Projects of any Size and Complexity Succeed

A group of more than 150 full-time English-speaking experts will provide you with the following:

  • Initiatives and large-scale tasks with a complex architecture: during the project, the development team expands to achieve the most beneficial cooperation and fascinates specialists in quality control, improvement and testing.
  • Small and medium projects: small groups have proven to be efficient not only in developing software products from scratch but also in expanding the client’s team.
  • Dedicated work from a group of creators and third-party service providers: being fluent in English and having strong conversational skills, professionals are always on the same page as others interested in the project.
Cooperation model
  • Development of full cycle products: we provide owners with specifications or dedicated products and create the software from scratch.
  • Specific function or independent feature improvement: we help expand the product, adding functions and apps that require a positive improvement, such as mobile versions and the BI products for a specific device.
  • Equipment improvement: flexible teams or individual builders complement projects with the necessary technical power.
  • Backend and desktop: C ++, PHP, Qt, Node.js, Java
  • Interface: CSS 3, HTML 5, JavaScript
  • Mobile: Objective-C, Swift, Apache Cordova, Xamarin, Sencha, PhoneGap
  • Database, data warehouse: MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Amazon Web Service, SAP, IBM DB2, NoSQL (Apache CouchDB, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL)

The Best Talent for Your Project

Our company offers app creators dedicated to all types of native and web projects. We are the top mobile software developer providing unique and cost-effective solutions and state-of-the-art products.

Professional app creator Magora UK

Cross Platform Development: Attract iOS and Android Users

Our company specialises in native development for iPhone. However, our experienced internal creators can develop multi-platform programs designed to work smoothly on both iOS and Android-based devices.

Certified Phonegap app creators provide dynamic services worldwide. Phonegap developers create personalised solutions based on clients’ business needs. If your staff uses gadgets based on both iPhone and Android, this approach can promote the practice of BYOD within the company, as a multi-platform program will be the perfect solution.

All HTML5 solutions developed by our creators are programmed to be easy to use, sustainable, easy to maintain and expand as needed. In addition, HTML5 solutions are highly productive and can work perfectly on iPhones and other mobile devices.

The Sencha Touch program works with all mobile browsers, but you can access features of any device. Native implementation is often important for mobile packages. Sencha Touch is fully integrated with PhoneGap / Cordova for the API of the device, including the camera and the accelerometer, and also supports the creation of Phonegap for native packaging. The compilation of Phonegap can be started from Sencha CMD and the tool can package apps for several platforms with a single command.

As a C # based tool, Xamarin complies with the native system of any device and has a wide functional range, though it’s rather difficult to use. However, as experienced C # programmers, we have successfully completed more than 100 initiatives. With the help of Xamarin, the team can overcome all the limitations related to cross-platform development and create programs that run hard as if they were native.

Unprecedented Merit

The advantages of hiring our specialised software creators are as follows.

  • No investment required to retain the crew and internal infrastructure
  • Quick implementation of the solution
  • Access to basic technology and resources
  • Support dedicated to all needs
  • Phone, email and Skype communication 24/7
  • Flexibility of the use of human resources and timely business development



Your Best Team

Hire qualified professionals and experts who work here at UK sites assigned exclusively to your project. We will offer you a programmer, be it a single expert or a team depending on your needs. Since each project is special, requirements are established. Choose a flexible employment model to support your exact request, starting with the monthly settlement income.

Expert Developers
Talented, dynamic programmers from the highly advanced development team have mastered unique systems and industry requirements to provide consumer-focused mobile and web solutions.
Verified methodology
With experience in the use of diverse technologies based on the client’s needs and current technology, the creators adopt practices of the highest quality and time-proven methods.
ISO 9001 Standard
The development strategy implemented in the IT agency complies with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard guaranteeing the execution of high performance throughout the life cycle of the project.
Communication without interruptions
Our communication channel is open 24 hours a day so you can connect at any time with the appropriate professional crew to alleviate complex tasks and improve the productivity of your work.

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Choose an appropriate collaboration model and begin to inspire success with the most skilful, talented and creative developers around.

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