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Business Software Creation

As a top business-driven program development agency, we have skilled and creative developers and designers on staff who build first-class digital products. Since its inception, Magora has been dedicated to helping international organisations develop revenue-generating software solutions that streamline internal processes, improve communications and achieve desired business goals.

Leveraging the latest technology and gaining insight into business processes across diverse industries enables us to build state-of-the-art IT solutions. UK developers specialise in digital products to ensure they fit clients’ business needs perfectly.

Magora can provide everything you need from small corporate sites to sophisticated web-based apps, intranet portals, custom databases and mobile apps. Experience in all major IT sectors enables us to assist international and UK agencies of all sizes with intelligent system integration, streamlining their processes for efficiency and profitability growth.

IT Capabilities
The successful delivery of hundreds international IT projects has proved our expertise in custom software development. The experience of our UK development agency’s internal developer team allows us to provide the best economic solutions. We offer a wide range of app design services to provide the best IT solution at a reasonable price.
Bespoke IT Strategy
Keeping up with the rapid pace of information technology development is a challenge for businesses, but one that’s essential for their growth. Magora will help keep the relevant technology up to date and take advantage of emerging innovations. Experienced business analysts and strategists will navigate you the international world of information technology.

Introduce new tactics and protecting your vision

We’ll work hard to help you find the most valuable information available and create a key brand in the marketplace. Our UK agency has experience working with local startups and global Fortune 500 companies, helping them achieve their goals and meeting their specific needs with bespoke IT strategies and tailored programs.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Magora Experienced Developers and IT Engineers

The UK is home to a group of IT specialists you can rely on for high-quality, first-class products. Our know-how is based on many examples from across many years and many hundreds of miles. We use time-tested methods, but our developers are not afraid of trying new tools and technologies. As our quality assurance experts approve new tech, developers introduce them throughout the development cycle, increasing our efficiency and expanding our ability to deliver high-quality software faster without compromising quality. Our UK agency has its own international team of qualified programmers using a variety of app programming interfaces (APIs) to enable our customers to leverage third-party programs and implement the functionality of products like SalesForce and Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook and more in their programs.

Technical Know-How

Our UK-based international development company, with its full contingent of developers and app designers, is always happy to set off on challenging new projects to find the right solution to your company’s needs. Frontend, backend and mobile programmers work in close collaboration to ensure they're all in line with your IT vision and all looking forward.
We use agile methods such as: Scrum, Crystal, FDD, DSDM , XP
This is how we ensure flexible agile development processes, continuous collaboration deployment, faster time-to-market and world-class quality.

We are the UK’s leading international agency at the forefront of technology.

  • JavaScript - a state-of-the-art dynamic programming language, belonging to the realm of high-level tech and giving our agency an opportunity to create engaging models and bring interactivity to the website.
  • HTML5 - a markup programming language that enables front-end developers to customise the system so as to ensure rapid loading. With its help, browsers can efficiently interpret the page content.
  • CSS3 - an acronym for the Cascading Style Sheets language that enhances the appearance of web pages with compelling visual effects such as fillet, shadow, gradient, animation and other design features.

Our front-end toolkit includes a number of tips and tricks. For example, the AJAX script can allow communication between devices without the need to re-add stations. Other tools we use include the jQuery library for creating plug-ins, advanced effects, themed widgets, Adobe Flash for vector graphics animation development, full-screen navigation interfaces, ActionScript for AIR-time environment and many more.

Proficiency in server-side development enables our UK-based developers to build complex web solutions. Everything from integrated web systems and portals to top-notch data-driven apps is based on sophisticated backend. Our international team in the UK can boast expertise in all major backend technologies:

  • Java Universal Language - a class-based, object-oriented technology. The Java development team writes compiled code that runs on all platforms that support Java;
  • PHP - another widely used and actively applied technology. Among its advantages are the option to embed it in HTML;
  • Ruby - a dynamic, object-oriented language, with its Ruby on Rails framework, widely used in backend software programming.

Magora have also gained impressive capabilities in other high-end and large-scale server-side tech. The common programming language Python allows UK programmers to ensure better readability with a smaller number of code lines; Perl assists in writing network programming, systems management, bioinformatics; ASP.NET with generating dynamic, multi-paradigm Web services from Microsoft.

One of our strong suits is bespoke mobile development. Whether you need applications that enhance international customer relationships, promote brands or mobilise employees, the Magora UK digital agency is happy to help you and to share their knowledge of mobile development and access to the mobile ecosystem. Mobile apps with native features can boost your sales and increase efficiency. Just ask us for a solution to whatever challenge you’re facing and our IT experts will offer you some of the tips and tricks of cutting-edge mobile technology:

  • If your goal is Apple device users, we'll help you write Swift or Objective-C code that takes full advantage of the entire Xcode (IDE) integrated development environment and Apple's framework and APIs, including Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, SiriKit and CloudKit, CoreAudio and CoreData etc.
  • If targeting the Android operating system, we write a bug-free Java code. This benefits Android Studio and Eclipse, using multiple sources, including native APIs and Java.
  • We use Visual Studio IDE and C #, C ++, Visual Basic and the Windows Mobile operating system of the Universal Windows Platform.

If your aim is to launch software projects for all mobile platforms as fast as possible, thus providing a near-native experience, our UK team can arrange this too - despite the various limitations of multi-platform programming. Due to the conflicts of the different OS platforms’ demands, clear and bug-free realisation of such an app in impossible, even with the implementation of the most advanced hybrid development technologies like Xamarin and PhoneGap. We would recommend creating two separate apps - one for iOS and the other for Android. In this case we can guarantee the stability and quality of the project.

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IT Infrastructure

The agency's modern operations rely on a combination of internal hardware and software to create an IT infrastructure.

Our professional international software development team in the UK is poised to increase efficiency with a comprehensive program that encompasses the capabilities of many off-the-shelf packages and provides the features and custom navigation templates you need. We also know how to provide you with a bespoke app that integrates seamlessly with your company's existing information infrastructure.

With the help of UK programmers, our agency provides the customers with state-of-the-art software solutions to meet their needs. Whether you're looking to improve internal corporate communications, advanced data management, cohesive departmental work or find any other solution for greater efficiency, we're all ready to help you increase your productivity with scalable and intuitive digital products.

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Hire Professional Developers in the UK from an International Development Agency

Connect with a competent international team of developers for the most challenging IT projects. We provide everything from attractive websites to immersive app experiences to help UK businesses increase their efficiency and productivity. Contact us for top-notch technical maintenance consulting. We can’t wait to launch your project.

Enterprise Website

Sending the right message to your target audience is crucial. Our UK web development team is here to help you create a visual brand and reflect your business identity for an international audience online. Capable developers can offer their skills and experience and help provide an interactive and engaging online presence. Whether you need to create customer loyalty programs, build online points of sale (e-commerce sites), social networking pages or any other websites, trained creative programmers and web designers will help you achieve your business vision. We've created a great user experience to ensure the responsive interface layout fits any screen size and delivers the best features and the highest level of engagement available.



Data-Driven Software

Whether it's international customers, suppliers, business partners, investors or other valuable contacts, your agency interacts with thousands of people every day. Sophisticated data-driven software will help to improve routine processes and provide a user-friendly system to help manage, save, share and update data.

Automated and simplified data management increases employee productivity, reduces human error and optimises internal processes. Our UK app development agency has expertise in providing database and customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning systems and other comprehensive software solutions that help streamline the internal workflow and operations of both international companies and local businesses.

Application Development

We have extensive experience in building mobile and web apps according to specific user requirements.

Magora team is an experienced mobile and web developer whose experience spans different business verticals. With hundreds of successful software projects delivered across different industries, we know how to meet our international customers’ expectations. Our UK team leverages all available information technologies to deliver mission-critical digital products. We are proficient in providing native experience and powerful resources. Share your project idea with us and we’ll help you realise it.

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