Our client faced the need to develop a cost-effective project software solution. It should be able to manage business processes and productivity, while providing seamless communication between team members, clients and suppliers across both desktop and mobile devices. He partnered with Magora to create this project cost management software for the manufacturing and construction industry.


At Magora, we have a solid background in creating complex web applications and relish the projects that give us a chance to prove our expertise and put our knowledge into practice. ProjectVUE was exactly this kind of project. The client approached our experts with many disparate ideas of what he wished to see in the program. Magora's experts helped him prioritise his ideas and requirements, and implemented them in a full-service software solution designed by our team from scratch. The program gives users a bird’s eye view of their business in real time and allows them to customise how that information is shared with staff, customers, suppliers and subcontractors throughout the lifecycle of the project. For example, the program can notify project managers when a certain item is low in stock and instantly send an order to a supplier to ensure that the stock is replenished, all of which will be documented and stored in the program’s database. ProjectVUE offers a wide range of useful tools including:


  • Project management functionality;
  • To-do lists;
  • Project cost calculator;
  • Workflow management functionality to manage documents, invoices, payments, etc.;
  • Live chats;
  • Warehouse stock monitoring.


We utilised waterfall methodology and applied the following technologies: Knockout.js, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Sass, CoffeeScript, Capistrano, HTML 5 and CSS.


ProjectVUE has been successfully sold by the client to a business operating in a related industry. It allows the business to fully embrace lean principles and manage projects with the minimum amount of effort and waste. It also gives a clear picture of daily processes, which helps construction and manufacturing companies to minimise/eliminate potential risks, avoid unproductive time, and make business processes more efficient.

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