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International content-marketing enterprise Pulsepoint approached Magora developers with an idea for an internal corporate content system. Based on the existing web platform, we had to organise an app where advertisers could request content creation and then control and approve the results. Meanwhile, editors would invite and manage writers on their behalf and implement the orders. This content would then be reviewed, updated and approved by the editors and advertisers for publishing. On top of the general architecture and convenient UI, we were to realise some helpful features such as new task announcements, correction updates and the editor’s and advertiser’s final approval.

Magora: Brief

We’ve developed the general architecture of the app and implemented a clear system of step-by-step work with each article from creation up to final-version approval. The act of publication in the app simply means that the text is finalised and ready to be used by the advertiser and available via specific URL.

Editors and accountants can easily structure all the orders via the administrative interface, as well as organise the content hierarchy into special blocks - hubs.
Structured DB of the available content forms a backup version of the final edition for all articles. Each of them can be downloaded as a Word or PDF file, as well as shared via a direct link or RSS feed.

Technologies applied

Java, Nginx, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Redis, RabbitMQ.

Magora: Solution

This bespoke web application helps our client organise an efficient working process for the content-marketing company. A convenient interface for internal editors, in-house and remote writers and external advertisers let all participants view, make edits, add comments and approve content, simplifying the multi-iterative process of article creation. Work on the web platform significantly increased efficiency, stopped conflicts and made all stages of content development transparent for each of the participants. The app increased client loyalty and helps building long-lasting relationships.

Magora: Result
Magora IT company project: Hunger
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Magora has developed a platform that directly connects caterers with clients, eliminating third parties and ensuring fast delivery of lunches to office workers. Hunger already has a large user  base and an unparalleled number of daily orders, which has attracted the attention of prominent  investors who see great potential in this market niche.

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