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Each platform for smartphones application development has a set of demands for the apps. To provide the users with a really great app, the developers have to be experts in different areas: programming architecture and UI design, software engineering, security, coding and software maintenance. We have senior engineers, designers and coders of appropriate proficiency in our team.

  • Usually, people begin their application development early and it is because of their passion. There is a 19-year old University of Ulster student who made an iPad/iPhone app that can be used by his autistic younger brother for carrying out daily activities. Some people get started with building games for smartphones in high school. Magora partly consists of such enthusiasts, who growing within the company for decades, becoming the tutors for others.

  • Programmers nowadays are stick to waterfall or agile methodologies. The waterfall is excellent at providing the solution in case the software requirements are clear and fixed for the whole application. Agile is used when some flexibility is needed within the smartphone app development. Based on the project demands we utilyse both of them for effective smartphone app creation.

  • Assuring the application’s quality is one of the main concerns of our software development. QA is a necessary part of our phone app creation process. Quality testers check the program on every stage to provide the stable working and secure app. All together Magora team works on what we really love to generate a positive output for our clients.

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Smartphones Applications Development Options for Business

People that possess several skills and are business savvy can be gathered in one place and they can all be found at Magora. We have teams that came from software engineering and computer science programs from several known colleges. To have a place for software entrepreneurs, you can talk to us. Apple, known as one of the greatest software, allows us to display apps in their store and have a percentage of the sales when the app becomes successful.

Creating an App for Smartphones Without Any Coding

One of the choices you can make is to first consider an ideal smartphones applications development is to make an application without any coding, some of those apps can be found on Google. But the original features will be missing in this case as the functionality of such platforms is very limited.

Do not forget about the testing devices. You need to test your application on the Apple mobile platform and Android smartphones and tablets.

Some browser can help you to emulate the testing: Android SDK Emulator, Google Android Emulator, MobiOne, iPhoney,TestiPhone - read about them here.

If you desire your app to be published on any app store/market, you will require a developer license. These licenses are for Android, iOS, etc. can be bought separately for each platform.

Where Our Smartphones Applications Development Focuses On


The focus is working on an app using our programming experience, acquiring the knowledge on how to build a successful business in applications, and provide tools and strategies for entrepreneurs. Our applications development aims to give detailed, relevant content that is useful today so your app business can be launched immediately.

Our smartphones applications development is different. We provide real life testing, detailed explanation of difficult issues, and loaded with information. We are different from other sites because our applications development team performs the tests, building and creating apps of our own together with an awesome community of entrepreneurs who show their results. If the app does not work, we would not be recommending it. We take value in what we present to people and that is the explanation why we are very careful when it comes to the services we have. This has made us arrive at a bigger insight on the way markets work, how to earn money using apps, and how to make businesses grow bigger.

The applications development team that we have has done application launches that became successful, helped in raising thousands of dollars of venture capital for different app projects, given an analysis on millions of advertising impressions, and worked closely with the top grossing and #1 chart for apps. We encourage that our community shares constantly with us so we can give assistance to more people and we will sort through your messages and choose questions every week so that you get the best possible answers.

Getting a Publisher for Your App

Outsourcing the project to professional mobile app developers will guarantee you transparent development timeline, professional UI and invulnerable app with advanced functionality.

You need to polish your app, and that is something that you can learn from everyone that gets business involvement. In the app or game you have is polished, it demonstrates that it is highly-intuitive, smooth, and detailed. A polished app shows no glitches and there is a good level of experience. The main thing is that, when you reach out to smartphones applications development team, we will look at what you made first, then we ask for a test and later have it put up on the store so people can access it and download. There are some people who will choose to operate the game on any short break they can get from work and what they think of the app is crucial - it is either they like it or not. This means that your game has to be polished enough so people will enjoy playing with it.

You can acquire good terms when you talk to our applications development team, which seem very easy - judging from the previously received reviews from our past and returning clients. You should not worry because we will not be giving you absurd terms even if a substantial quantity of people come to us every day. We will not be asking for an unfair amount of percentage because we are reasonable. We will give you options on what to negotiate on in case you are not fine with our offer right away. One option is to try negotiating the licensing for the IP. If your logo is nice, a solid brand, or offers uniqueness, you can acquire a license for that. This is a chance to solely acquire the website.

Another aspect of this is agreeing on the span of time before you can renegotiate your contract and we refuse to make you wait too long because other companies might make you wait for two to three years. We want to make improvements so you won’t have to wait longer before re-negotiating with us. Working with us won’t be hard for you and renegotiations are always welcome until we come to an agreement.

Publishers can be found by browsing the app store, but you need to remember that anybody can publish your app regardless if it’s an entrepreneur or someone famous. You need a smartphones applications development publisher that can move huge amounts of any metric, whether it is influenced by the social media or e-mail address.

You can come to our smartphones applications development team because we do much for you and also help in the monetisation of your app. We will team up with you in all aspects and will not feel like we are abandoning you.

We are not like the others who have an established game or app on the way and they want to gain a 50/50 revenue because they have a big eye on the income. Remember that it won’t be imperative for you to say ‘yes’ to a deal that’s unfair just because you need a publisher. Our clients are significant to us and we make sure to give you a good deal.



Strategy for App Store Optimisation

We know about the possibility that you are facing trouble in getting your app developed, which is the reason why we want to help you with smartphones applications development. In order for your apps to gain traffic in the app store, you need to be aware of what keyword optimisation is. This means that similar to a website post, choosing keywords that you identify with your app is one of the major factors in making sure that downloaders will easily find your app.

You need to approach keywords correctly and that’s what we will assist you with. Instead of searching for the top performer, you need to pick the keywords that are actually good for acquiring traffic and also downloads. We look for the best keywords to describe your app. You can expect that we will not use loose, semi accurate connection between your app and the selected keywords, which can only lead to disappointments and no downloads.

We know that ranking has the same importance as the most popular search criteria. If the rank you get is in the top 5 for a term with hundreds of searches in a month, then that is a lot more visible compared to the millions of other apps. We consider the raw quantity of searches that are being received by a keyword or phrase.

Magora is a leading smartphones applications development company that work hard to launch your app to succeed in the market and make sure that our clients are happy with the result of development.

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