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Time-Proven Expertise

Since 2010, we’ve been dedicated to innovating our daily lives. Our UK team has helped clients integrate custom mobile apps, web-based systems and integrated, bespoke software. We build IT products that address business challenges and take our customers' productivity to a new level. Today, this experience enables us to provide state-of-the-art solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies in the UK and around the world.

Thanks to client recognition, at the beginning of 2018, we can boast leading positions in reputed designer and developer ratings.
In particular, the Magora team is ranked:

  • 3rd among the UK’s top mobile app developers on Clutch.
  • 9th among the top mobile app designers on Dribbble.

Our creative specialists are highly ranked on other professional resources as well and are not going to stop. We’ve honed our creative thinking and technical skills to ensure a reliable delivery model. Magora provides a flexible, user-centred and cost-effective way to create complicated digital products.

Industry Insight

We’ve gained a deep understanding of cooperation in areas such as logistics, medicine, education and finance. Technical experts and project managers use domain expertise in each project to quickly understand customer issues and propose appropriate solutions. With a multi-level mechanism that works well, we demonstrate a high level of competence and are always ready to respond to customer requests.

Start with MVP

We gather some impressive information about your business. An understanding of your basic requirements and the ability to provide a flexible delivery model enable us to meet the most demanding needs of young companies and their ambitious projects. As a full-service software development house based in UK, we have gained a reputation as a leading software provider for high quality MVP projects. Our UK programming team becomes an extension of your company. Our team provides comprehensive IT services and an end-to-end development lifecycle. We do not limit our ability to do so while implementing your ideas explicitly, and we will prove our experience through a complete application check to help you achieve your goals. We apply all of our creativity and strive to find the most appropriate solutions for our customers.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

B2B Applications

On top of our impressive experience in providing start-up solutions, we’re also a prominent UK app development service provider among mid-sized companies and large corporations. We support the integration and enhancement of enterprise software products. As our customers seek to establish long-term business relationships, we strive to meet your expectations with high-quality IT projects. A high level of expertise combining reliability and good communication skills has made us an IT leader in the UK. Whether you needs a sophisticated network management system, automated reporting installation or anything else, our software house is ready to help innovate your workflow.

How to Make a Successful Application

The trend for integrating business applications into traditional workflows is leading different business houses to consider building their own applications. Custom development enables entrepreneurs and company owners to meet their own specific requirements and ensure rapid and seamless adoption of the technology. However, program-building is a serious investment with some degree of risk. To minimise risk and make your investment an economical one, it's best to start working with a group of trusted and reputable programmers. Our UK software house will share our expertise and provide support for your project.

Checking Ideas

Every development project must begin with a review of an app idea. What advantages does it offer users? What's the difference between it and similar products? What commercial value does it bring? There are a few key moments that should be reviewed during the planning phase. Knowledge and experience of the UK developer scene allows us to streamline the analytical process and suggest better solutions for your particular situation and list of requirements. Project managers communicate with customers in plain English, cutting out the complex IT jargon and helping to control the process of project development. Thus they ensure that programmers support the customer’s current goals and needs.

UX / UI Design

Our design principle is always about people. Usability, Attractive Appearance, Ease of Use - These are the top three areas of good design. Your target audience, whether customers or employees, are looking for a positive experience that is always about intuition. For our UK designers, people are at the heart of the design, so our software house can provide you with an excellent design solution to meet your needs. We help turn complex functions into handy tools and add ease of use and a pleasurable user experience, so your audience can quickly navigate through the app and start using it on a daily basis. Talented designers will also help create icons and logos for unique startup projects and successfully identify existing brand and commercial images. We make an excellent team and enjoy working with our clients' PR team where necessary.


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The Solution Is Near: Approach our Software House UK

Our digital house provides full-cycle development by writing legible and secure code to bring your desired functionality to life. With a team of creative and skillful programmers, you can delegate the most challenging software projects. Meeting your specific needs and helping you achieve your business goals, developers and software engineers will create a robust and scalable architecture that will grow and adapt to changing business needs. IT specialists can create software solutions that work hand in hand with customers. Our UK software house provides its customers with integrated IT infrastructure for a variety of fast and interactive mobile services and solutions.


Here at Magora, you can find programmers and experts in all major IT sectors. We strive to cover any and all areas that can help improve workflow and efficiency. Our certified programmers and creative app designers offer development services based on mobile and web technologies. We regularly expand our toolbox in order to participate in a range of IT activities.

Our in-house team is ready to help you with cutting-edge technologies.

Mobile Specialties

Mobile devices are not only popular among young people. Powerful handheld devices offer great business value to forward-looking entrepreneurs. As hardware and software capabilities continue to grow each year, UK developers are also learning to benefit from them. We’re happy to offer you our mobile software development services:

iOS is one of the most popular platforms with a reputation for security and stability. Due to the comparatively limited number of iOS devices, iOS programmers can ensure perfect performance and interface design much more easily. We are well-versed in the Apple SDK (Software Development Kit) and can provide you with custom high-level solutions. A deep knowledge of Xcode and its programming language (Swift, Objective-C) allows us to integrate all the necessary APIs (application programming interfaces) to make your iOS app idea feel just right for you.

Android continues to be the most extensive platform, covering 80% of the mobile market. It supports a variety of devices including Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Lenovo and other high-end brands. Our programmers are well-versed in Android Studio, Java and various libraries to provide an Android device with a superior user experience, ensuring that it’s perfect on all target devices. Just tell us what you think of the app, and we’ll make sure it both implements and exceed the most demanding expectations.

Windows still has a significant market share in a large number of tablets running Microsoft operating systems. With the development of your UWP (Universal Windows platform), the development of these devices will change forever. For a variety of portable and desktop devices with the same operating system, it’s a huge step to write a single code. After more than eight years working on the Windows platform, we have mastered the Visual Studio IDE (integrated development environment) and Microsoft's computer languages ​​and technologies, such as Visual Basic, C #, and the .NET Framework.

Our UK-based development house is ready to provide feature-rich, interactive and attractive apps for any platform. We also work with PhoneGap and Xamarin technologies to help our customers deliver an almost native user experience for all major platforms.

Magora Software house UK

Web Software

Web software is a totally different field of IT that requires knowledge of the client and server -side scripting language. Our skills enable us to build a fast and secure web interface, responsive layout and powerful backend. We'll help you ensure cross-browser compatibility so users can interact with your web platform from any browser window.

Our programmers have advanced front-end knowledge. We know how to create compelling user interfaces and implement interactive features that hold the user's attention and keep them coming back to your site.

With CSS3, web developers create visuals that are activated using JavaScript code. All page content is written with the HTML programming language so you can make sure your website loads quickly.

With many back-end technologies with PHP, Perl, Python, ASP.NET and C ++, programmers can provide complex Web solutions, from e-commerce sites, social networking platforms, management systems for custom databases and intranet / extranet portals to customer-facing web applications. Here, you can find a reliable team of web-programming experts. We are happy to work with enthusiastic and innovative entrepreneurs and deliver results that meet your needs. We are specialists who combine a stylish interface and the licensing capabilities that make the difference. For years, our UK-based software house has helped companies automate, accelerate and simplify - streamlining their internal processes - and we’ll be happy to apply the same skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Quality Assurance and Testing

The quality of software products is one of the focuses of our IT house in the UK. The years spent building and delivering custom software solutions have taught us to ensure that applications' security, accessibility, loading speed, performance and usability meet corporate standards and ensure a superior user experience. A QA team of experts and testers rigorously test the products throughout the development process to understand any errors or design issues. To guarantee high performance, responsiveness to user commands, familiar behavioral models and intuitive user processes, the QA department seamlessly transforms your apps into bug-free and highly-productive programs.

Talk to the Best Developers in the UK

The right software tools allow users to access information in real time, effectively optimising and improving productivity. We invite you to our software house in the heart of London to discuss your goals and find the best way to take advantage of today's technology.

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