Small business management software

Are you a business owner who is not satisfied with continued competition with large companies and overall pressure of tasks and routine procedures ? Unfortunately, most standard management software solutions often concentrate on larger businesses. In addition, many management platforms are full of features that small businesses do not require. Having several independent programs to serve your company needs, lead to conflicts of working with the same data in different environment. And this separated data are really complicated to put together.

How We Solve Problems of Small Businesses

When building custom accounting and management software for your small or medium business, you can order exactly what you need from automating accounting tasks and budgets to streamlining accounts payments in real time. There is no need to spend time on adapting to a perplexed functionality or to spend time and resources on several off-the-shelf solutions, as each of them have different features you need.
Keep in mind, that you should also pay for the licence of each software, that can result in even more expenses in the long run in comparison to custom development, where you get everything implemented in one user-friendly platform, that is perfectly suit your company, having paid once.

With a custom solution for small business your finances are organised, your visibility is further improved and you can focus on other tasks, such as business expansion.

Advantages of Small Business Management Software

Good software can solve any tasks you need, including:

  • Show real-time reports and updated budgets in different departments
  • Connect the back-end accounting process to the CRM front-end system
  • Provide customers with self-service access and billing history to invoices
  • Reduce the time required for billing, revenue recognition
  • Promote attention to your small business and get the support you need
Better tools, faster delivery. Magora has developed apps and interfaces for small and medium businesses since 2010, offering the latest design and professional development technology to the clients, reducing development costs and shortening the project schedule. We are using the most advanced tools, creating affordable applications that increase efficiency and productivity, grow sales and solve small and medium business problems.
User-focused software. By focusing on the user experience (UX) we create intuitive and easy-to-use software. We know that many employees are " computer shy" and do not want to change. So we understand that "by hand" is necessary for new software applications. We design outstanding products considering your concerns and problems. Our planning and design process allows us to respond flexibly to the client's needs.
We understand your pain points. The budget of small and medium groups is limited, the time frame is short and the professional appearance and atmosphere of large companies is required. We get it. Nowadays, it is time to seriously consider custom development if the the disconnected programs that you use to manage a company does not save time or does not provide the business intelligence necessary for your growth.

How to Choose the Right Software

So, what does your business need? If you are not ready to invest in your management software, there are many applications aimed at small company owners like you, so it is impossible to recommend one-fits-all solution. In HR apps and other accounting software, you can find that compartmentalising works for you. Alternatively, all business management software may be right for your company. It is important to have a roadmap so that all the processes are covered.

In any case, regardless of whether you are looking for an all-in-one software or dividing tasks, first analyse your needs. The most important are the absolute needs, most of them are already in the top of the accounting, temporary staff, payroll, marketing, product development, web design, general organisation and management. It is essential to take the time to decompose these for your particular company.

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Top 20 Software Tools for Business Management

If you are looking for programs to help manage the administrative office, you may consider options from our list and choose the most appropriate management tool.

General Solutions

These products range from customer relationship management (CRM) to billing, collaboration and support. If you are looking for a hard solution that you can customise, this is your option. In other words, check this section before starting to dive.


Zoho's lineage is older than the WORKetc line. Although originally created as an independent online solution, the Zoho suite of applications is tightly integrated with systems that help manage sales, productivity and day-to-day activities in general.


Full stack Blue Camroo includes all the functions required by SMEs. A great feature is that you can integrate social networks into tracking and helpdesk.


At first glance, Bitrix may look like a simple CRM, but it also includes many management functions, such as billing, personnel, sales, and even online meetings. The best part? Your basic level of service is free!


As one might expect from the name, Sellsy focuses on sales, but that's not all. Unlike many other solutions in this list, you can use Sellsy to create and manage a website that is fully integrated with the server. There is also a "rent" management feature that allows you to track the inventory status and return status of the items.


ADIOS offers an all-in-one suite that offers everything you need. A great feature is the pricing tool "Purchase Only What You Need".


1CRM is an online business management tool also called CRM, but it provides more features. They offer marketing automation features that are not found in most all-in-one solutions.


Last but not least, is an online management platform with all the functions that provides a large number of functionalities to small businesses.


ExxpertApps shows that European roots have the capacity to handle multiple things (country, language, time zone, currency). If you have an international client base, look at that solution.


Founded in 2009, WORKetc was one of the pioneers of all-in-one corporate management tools. Over the years, this solution grew and matured until it managed customer-oriented activities, such as the virtual office and the support service.


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General service or commercial solutions

If you are running a service or company, software in this section was created to make your life easier. There are many high level tools for this option, so take some time to find the best tool for your business.

Please check the following section before dive in. One of them deals with a specific type of business.

YourTradeBase. No matter what your operation is, covers it from A to Z. This is a robust and easy-to-use software, a solution that many types of companies can use.

Jobber is better for the service industry. An outstanding feature is GPS tracking, which gives you an opportunity to keep an eye directly on your personnel in the field.

Regardless its name, mHelpDesk provides not only the function of the help desk. This is a robust and highly valued tool, so take the time to verify it.

Booker helps you manage end-to-end relationships with customers. They achieve this by providing functions to focus and manage each part of the client's life cycle.

If you're looking for the most popular service management solution, Wintac is the right choice. The robust solution includes everything you need to manage a service business without problems.

Solution for a Specific Business Type

You can manage your company with all the tools in this list, but this section lists the software that has already been customised for a particular occupation.

If your company matches one of the following types, you can use one of these tools to touch the ground.

Builders and remodelers: co-construction

It is difficult to manage all the details before the construction project started. Co-construct simplifies the process by keeping track of all the details from start to finish.

Automotive Shop: Boss Shop Pro

Operating a car shop can be complicated. Therefore, you should check Boss Shop Pro. This solution integrates perfectly with solutions such as Epicor, Carfax, Edmunds, as well as the tracking of hundreds of parts and details processed daily.

Salon: Phorest

Manage your salon as a professional using Phorest, which is a good solution for the small salon owners. In addition to point-of-sale management and inventory management, this software also provides a number of functions that can be used to sell salons while building and maintaining customer clients.

How Magora develops small business management software

IT service: ConnectWise

If you run an IT consulting company, you'll want to try ConnectWise. This software has everything you need to meet the customer's needs while operating the office properly.

Technology company: HarmonyPSA

If your company develops, sells and maintains hardware and software, you should investigate HarmonyPSA. For companies that deal with technical products and services, it is designed from top to bottom, and has everything necessary for robust products.

Distributor and manufacturer: OfficeBooks

OfficeBooks is a necessary tool to manage many parts of distribution and manufacturing. From inventory management to sales / quotation, order form, contact management, reports, this software is very popular.

It Is Time to Automate Your Workflow

After all, a good management tool will help you spend more time in your business, not working on it. If you feel that no ready-made solution meet your needs and requirements, contact our customer department to discuss customisation opportunities or to build your dream software from scratch.

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