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We bring our experience to all stages of a project, from early brainstorming to full post-launch support, so from the beginning we assist in planning the application that will yield the greatest financial returns for you and the greatest benefit to your users. That starts with selecting the platform that achieves that best, because each system has its own pros and cons.

Create your App on the Right OS

While just as capable in creating apps on either system, our team recommends iOS mobile applications for businesses to guarantee the best solution in cost, quality and security. Web applications can be helpful.

Appcreators Magora will help you in professional bespoke application creation
Mobile App Development for iOS
  • iOS applications are sold in the App Store, a heavily regulated marketplace that requires app developers to adhere to strict guidelines before being permitted to sell their application. These restrictions mean more time is required, but also that there are far more quality and security assurances.
  • The App Store represents a multibillion-dollar marketplace, the largest of its kind. Users of iOS tend to be fewer, but wealthier, meaning overall there is far more money to be made here.
  • iOS apps only work on Apple technology, meaning there is a finite set of cross-device nuances.
  • iOS is the most protected platform for your corporate mobile development.
Creating Mobile Apps for Android
  • Android uses the Google Play Store and offers an easy doorway into the world of mobile application-based commerce.
  • Java-based applications account for the majority of Android applications.
  • Working with Android target audience is not so profitable, at the same time, development for a lot of smartphone brands and a variety of models is much more expensive.
  • These apps require extensive diversification and support because of the numerous devices that use Android. Each one has its own specifications that must be met and addressed with each update.
  • Android users are by far the most numerous users in the world. If you are looking to reach that large audience, we can help you to achieve all of your goals on this platform.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

Application Creation Pricing

We deal in bespoke app development, which means every project is unique, and every client gets to see the type of software that best fits into their individual requirements. For those reasons, pricing varies from project to project. If you are interested in a preliminary estimation, you can read more about how pricing is broken down here, or use our calculator. Ultimately though, the best way to determine what you should expect to pay for an app developers work is by speaking to one of our managers and discussing your vision in detail.



Ready to Get Started with Bespoke App Creation?

If you have difficulties with answering the question how to design an app, we can recommend to stop being stressed and let Magora put an end to your worries.

Our mobile applications are ideal for any company, from the multinational looking to corner a new foreign market to the mom and pop shop.

If you are interested in discovering what potential your business could unlock by incorporating the latest technology into your workflow, our UK app developers are ready to discuss your ideas and turn them into realities.

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