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The Cornerstones of Our Culture

Everyone hates apps that all look alike, are full of bugs and fail to perform even the simplest actions. We strive for awesome, and that is what we are extremely good at, which you can prove challenging us with a project. Cutting-edge mobile technologies. Seamless user experiences. Efficient software development process that follows the principles of Agile. Fast time to the market. Timely communication and full transparency. This is the cornerstones of our culture that the team strongly believes in.

Over almost ten years in the application development industry, we have delivered software products to internationally recognised brands, aspiring startups, and small companies worldwide. Check out our extensive portfolio to learn about a few of our successful projects.

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We Create Apps that Appeal to Billions of Users Worldwide
Do not rely on numbers, start counting the value that your apps bring to your business. Engaged users bring your company a bigger return on investment. If you provide your customers with an excellent user experience, you can count on increased engagement, improved conversion, and high retention. As for mobile-first design, our developers are among the best development companies, according to independent review. Harness the largest audience of smartphone users investing into a native mobile solution with user-friendly design and powerful functionality.
Development Of Amazing Applications
We will supply you with a design that is easy-to-understand, a pleasure to look at and fun to interact with. Magora builds smartphone and tablet apps that deliver first-class user experiences. We never stop at average, aiming at brilliant. We can design a top-notch native application for any mobile operating system that will work perfectly on any devices you may want to target. The best part is that we run the rigorous test and continue optimising our products until they reach perfection and bring maximum value.

Design Apps that Address the Actual Needs of Your Company

If you have not yet developed a mobile app, you are likely to fall behind the competition. Every modern company needs digital solutions to optimise their inner process and empower employees with a greater mobility. For example, companies that operate in the financial sector require software for secure money transactions. However, the latest studies have found that more than 30% of all enterprise mobile app development projects fail. Why does it happen? The main reason is that these companies have hired the wrong application developers who fail to meet their requirements and expectations.

Our Achievements:

322 App Development Projects
413 Mobile Applications
75 Enterprise Software Solutions

How to Choose the Right App Development Team

Keep in mind that choosing a team that will work on your digital products is an important step you should not ignore. You are the boss, and you should choose the best. Whether you are looking for a team of development experts to deliver an enterprise system developed from scratch or revamp your existing solution - developers are here to help. From bespoke enterprise software to hybrid mobile solutions to App Store publishing and third-party service integration, we can tackle any challenge you set before us. We are passionate about creating software that addresses real demands of your company, increases productivity and opens up new horizons for further growth.

Long History of Digital Success

Hiring our application development team to work on your project, you become a part of our family that never fails to bring value to its members. This means long-term success for your products. However, you should not take it on trust. Anytime you want you can check out our portfolio full of awesome projects. You can also read our excellent blog. Or take a look at the figures below:

  • 350+ mobile projects
  • 200+ developers worldwide
  • 35+ top ranking apps

Full Range of Mobile Services

Are you ready to innovate your company through cutting-edge technologies and powerful mobile solutions? From idea validation to coding and launch to the market - here at Magora experts will assist you at every stage of software development process:

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Lifecycle Management


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Continuous Support and Optimisation

Smartphone applications need much investment, not only in terms of money but also in terms of time. After you have released your application to the market, they need your continuous support to stay alive.

You are the parent, and we are the babysitters who keep an eye on your application baby while you are running your company. Our skilled business analysts and marketers ensure that your application is alive and thriving.

App Development Is A Continuous Process That Goes Beyond Coding

Just like a child, your app will need a lot of time and care until it grows into a mature product. If you already have an application child that does not behave well, our developers can take the responsibility to teach it the proper manners and ensure its future success.

We can join the project at any stage. And apply a lot of effort into everything our experts do, so you do not have to worry about anything. For instance, if we help you bear your digital child, we will also help you feed it.

Focus on Long-Term Value

Even if the application is adopted, it does not change our attitude - our specialists equally love everything digital. We are ready to offer you any help you might need, from reviewing the code, updating the features to bug fixing and quality assurance.With a focus on creating excellently designed native mobile apps that we wish to support and improve throughout their entire lifecycle. From fixing any issues to releasing a new version, from expanding the functionality to reaching out to new users, from bringing in new strategies to solving customer issues - we are here for you and your digital baby.

Defining relevant goals from the very first stages of the project is the most efficient way to ensure return on investment and achieve the intended outcomes. If you want your investment to pay off in the long run, and without a doubt you do, you need to set targets and plan the benchmarks at the very start and track the progress along the way. Our teams love setting goals. Our whole process is defined by objectives and results. Whether you are building a bespoke enterprise system or an application to reach out to consumers, the core metrics you are interested in are user acquisition, retention, and conversion. They define the success of your business. And here at Magora we are driven by success.

App development process does not stop at the launch of your product. We keep on monitoring its performance and analysing feedback to get the most out of time and money spent on development.

  • Covering new platforms and OS versions
  • Fixing issues
  • Analytics and testing
  • Adding new features
  • App marketing and search engine optimisation
  • Customer support

Apps become obsolete if you do not pay enough attention to them, and grow along with your company if you launch timely updates and introduce changes according to the demands of the market. Expert developers provide you with valuable insight into your app's performance, point to critical issues and successful strategies and advise you on how to best adjust it to perfectly fit into the new demands of your business as it expands.

We Are Here To Bring Your Company To The Next Level

We are the best app development company in London that provides a full range of services for digital business success. Our enthusiastic and devoted development experts offer ongoing maintenance of every product delivered by us: we conduct market research, analyse user feedback, collect client reviews and see into other aspects that can help us optimise the application to the users' liking and increase its online visibility. Our team consists of application developers, web designers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists and other IT experts who are passionate about what they do and never fail to achieve great results. Our wide development expertise and time-proven process allow us to deliver projects of any complexity to companies of all size:

  • Process automation and productivity software: no more manually handled routine processes
  • Enterprise accounting systems: budget audit, planning, and risk assessment
  • Workflow management

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