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Magora is a London-based web development company, that concentrate the efforts on creation of the advanced digital solutions to ensure your company success in business. We develop bespoke web software, integrated programs, as well as mobile and web apps that enhance your productivity and boost growth.


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Planning and

Website or web application, database app or web portal, content management system, intranet system or cloud based solution - these are all products of web-based development, which we have honed to implement for years. We are here to realise your idea, but first of all, we’ll investigate the market, determine the target audience, discuss your priorities and goals, cristallise the unique advantages of your businessand will do a step to development.No matter how bold your ideas and plans are, our IT experts will shape them into sustainable digital strategies, pack all your wishes in the structurised software specification and make them go.
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User Journey Mapping and Design Prototype

Based on the detected target audience preferences and the created system requirement specification, Magora designers will form the user journey map. Our UI experts have extensive experience in designing quality mobile and web interfaces for different operating systems, gadgets and screen sizes. Magora web designers are ready to accumulate all their knowledges, modern trends and thebest practice and implement them into your project.
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Web Architecture and Programming

To create your project efficiently, our program architects will investigate the technologies and equipment, already in use by your IT department and form the software architecture to answer the unique demands of your business and IT. Our team of programmers utilize the international standards of HTML5, PHP, CSS3 and JS. And if you have any special preferences, or local corporate traditions, we’ll support your syntax in the programming code. Magora implements in work modern libraries and frameworks, from Colour and Styling libraries for the CSS, to Angular, React, JQuery, etc. We are qualified to do the third party code review and always ready to provide you examples of our code to be views by external experts. Doing our job heartily, we are proud of our client’s respect as well as of the recognition among the developer society.
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To provide our customers with the well working solutions each stage of development is supported by the automated and manual tests. We have successfully integrated our apps with hundreds of commercial platforms, social media networks, API, GPS modules and other tools and know, how important to check everything twice. Quality Assurance (QA) is a necessary part of every our project, be it website, app or advanced bespoke system. Planning of the QA begins just as all the functional demands are collected.

Web Project Launch and Support

Finally, the web software or app is provided to the client together with the rights of ownership for the created intellectual property. The launch of the project is supported with training and instructions for the administrators, managers and all involved staff. Targeted to the long-term relations, Magora offer post-launch support to the projects, which includes programming of new features, adding new integration with the client’s hardware or web software modernisation to answer the demands of your business on the changing market.

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First-Class Websites and Web Applications for Business Use

Whether you want to enhance your productivity by automating routine procedures, or reach out to new customers and open new commercial opportunities by creating an entirely new dimension of your business, Magora is at your service. Our software development company will help you bring to life a groundbreaking idea or carve out a niche for your company in a highly competitive digital environment.

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Magora’s web development team is always on the cutting edge of the modern technologies, to implement them in the advanced digital systems for the customers and to provide the users with convenient web pages.

Why Choose Us?

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We always strive for perfection, polishing every detail of your future product until it is flawless. Our lean development strategies guarantee you:

  • an absolute transparency of the process,
  • close communication,
  • quick response to questions and new requirements.

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Meet Our Professional Team

We at Magora can boast a brilliant team of website designers, developers, project managers, testers, marketing specialists and other experts. All together we are one strong team, proud of what we do and motivated to be the best of the best. We are waiting for the next challenging project to prove our competence and to provide you with an amazing development project.

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Development practices polished in Magora over years of hard work and creativity. We are ready to share our expertise with you. Come for a cup of tea to our London headquarter or ask your question here.

Web and Mobile Solutions to Benefit Your Business

Advanced customized web systems
Create a virtual dimension of your business, establish a solid online presence, promote your brand online, and find new sources of income. Improve your customer service, and receive other benefits for your business via presentation of advanced web application. Go a step ahead of competitors by providing mobile-friendly user interface and advanced functionality for your customers.
Tools to enhance productivity
Do you still handle routine operations with a bunch of tools like MS Excel, Google Docs, Sales Force, etc., putting the same data in different databases? A new bespoke system that we can create specifically for your needs will significantly improve your existing procedures, reduce idling and boost productivity.
Websites, web portals and online communities
Internet users are accustomed to excellent website design with intuitive interfaces and stunning look, and they expect you site or portal to keep to these high standards. Our software development company from London will supply you with a web application that will make you stand out from the crowd worldwide and provide amazing user experience to your customers.

Web Development

How Magora Developers can Help

Our developers work with many programming languages, including JS, HTML5, CSS, PHP, Java, AJAX, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Python, Flash, and Unity, and much more. We widelly use NodeJS and Angular as well as many of the modern frameworks and libraries: Laravel, React, Bootstrap and Foundation, Pure, Material UI, etc.

Magora staff is proficient in utilizing modern design trends and usability testing tools. You can count on us if you want a top-notch solution built on the basement of the latest innovations.

All our applications and websites work so, as was planned and fixed in the software requirements specification (SRS), signed at the initial stage of the cooperation with each of our client. We can create a bespoke software or develop a web app, and implement the integration of several mobile and web applications in one tailormade system.

Many applications require complex hosting solutions - Magora can set up and manage that complex infrastructure using cloud computing platforms like Amazon Web Services. Our company staff also use Google Cloud Platform for some of the projects and can implement the technology for your remote branches to work as one. We can integrate the worldwide IP system into your application to let you do the phone calls worldwide, as well as to implement your connection via bespoke VPN system.

  • Our company establishes a long-term relationship with each of our clients, treating every one of them as a business partner. We totally understand that software we create is crucial for your business success.
  • Over the years we have never had any legal issues. All created software, be it web or mobile app, website or bespoke system is wholly in your ownership. And we issue and NDA as a first step of cooperation to keep your ideas top secret.

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Magora team can create for you the complicated system from the scratch, or just to breathe a new life into an existing web project. Even if you are not sure about some details, give us a call to do a quick and productive start.

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How Mobile Technologies Change the Market

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  • Web solutions attract more adepts now as do not need to be preloaded and save the place on the user’s smartphones.
  • Mobile-friendly websites and apps, available via desktop and wearable devices, opening up a lot of new opportunities for businesses and developers.

If you need a professional support to implement the advanced web solution for your business, Magora web development experts are here to help.

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