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Construction Apps

The Benefits of Creating an app for Construction Businesses

If your business is among the most advanced construction companies, which are looking for ways to improve efficiency, speed up projects, streamline scheduling and communication, and to do away with a messy heap of paperwork - then you need a bespoke software solution.

Problems that can be solved with a bespoke app

The key needs for a construction business addressed by an advanced software development solution:
At the Start
A planning system that makes it easy for all involved parties to collaborate while you are in the field; to look at latest version of construction schemata, highlight necessary changes and share information in real time.
In the Middle
A flexible systematic approach to managing data, including planning the raw material flows and optimising workload and labor demands; control deadlines and milestones.
At the End
At the final stage of construction all audit recommendations can be easily integrated in one system, the implementation of which can be visualized via intuitive widgets.
So at any stage of construction management can see the tasks that need to be implemented, and the bottlenecks that need to be fixed. A company's top management can control the whole work process without getting bogged down in the minutia and at the same time if any of the issues are rectified, notification of their completion can be done in seconds.

Future prospects for your business

A construction company can take advantage of the current technological wave of digital tools sweeping the globe, and use it to leverage a significant advantage and stay ahead of the game, all the while achieving greater productivity and efficiency, reducing expenses, and more.

Why choose Magora?

We have a huge portfolio of apps, which were created for construction corporations and supplemental industries, like transport, logistics, and ecommerce. Based on this background, we can provide valuable support to streamline your company’s work by implementing these modern technologies and automation procedures into the daily routine of your company by equipping staff, clients and partners with powerful tools for communication, management and decision making.

Portfolio of Magora software development instances in the construction industry

Magora brings years of experience and expertise in app development to each construction app project, creating advanced, unique solutions which address business needs. Here are some of our latest projects, related to building maintenance and construction.
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