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About Magora iOS App Developers

Established in 2009 by two IT enthusiasts, Magora team has grown into a large international developer company that delivers quality digital products to businesses around the world. Our design and developer experts are here to help you find the most efficient strategies, optimise your workflow, release your product to the market and continuously support it to maximise the results.

We Keep Your Company Ahead of the Curve

Magora has been focusing on iOS development since the earliest days of the iPhone and has become the primary choice for companies across the UK and other countries when it comes to creating a perfect iOS app that appeals to customers and brings value to the owners. We build iPhone and iPad software that enables you to stay ahead of the curve, standing out from the competition and engaging consumers.

Development Process

  • Discovery. At the start of any iOS app development process, the developers meet with the client to discuss their vision of the project, outline the details of their collaboration and find the best way to implement the client’s ideas so that they comply with their business needs and expectations.
  • Identifying the requirements. When you and our team of experienced iOS app developers have found the strengths and weakness of your business that need optimisation, Magora proceeds creating a full-fledged software requirements specification to formalise the features of the software based on the needs of your company. Then we take the time to analyse the market and the competition, and approve the mobile strategy that we will use to create your iOS app and launch it to the market.
  • Design. Our professional web designers understand that designing a product goes far beyond creating good-looking images. Our UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) specialists will work hard to create a product that is intuitive, user-friendly and highly engaging.  
  • Native iOS app development. Our talented developers have a solid background in creating native iOS applications for all leading platforms including iOS, Android and Windows. We keep an eye on the latest IT trends and technologies to ensure that our products comply with the highest standards and can be run on the latest mobile operating systems. To add even more, we have a broad expertise in building web-based solutions and are ready to face any challenges such as integrating high-tech hardware with complicated software or connecting our products with complex backend systems.

App Launch. Our time-proven development process guarantees you that the end product is stable, secure and high performing, because all our iOS apps continuously go through quality assurance at every stage of the process. When the project is accomplished, it will easily pass through the approval process because Magora builds it according to the iOS strict development guidelines, polishing every element to perfection. 

Digital Services We Offer 

The iOS apps we have successfully developed and published are available at the leading marketplaces and have millions of downloads, which proves their highest quality. Over the past decade, Magora has supplied many internationally recognised clients with effective solutions for their organisations. Our programmers have enough expertise and skills to create native games, productivity programs, and corporate systems, as well as design responsive websites, web-based solutions, content management systems and customer relationship platforms. We provide companies across various industries with a wide range of services that cover all aspect of digital wellbeing for thriving businesses: we can create a mobile strategy, design a branding or develop a full-fledged marketing campaign that will bring you to the top of the market.

Smartphone App Strategy

Before starting the actual programming and engineering of the app, Magora experts take the time to investigate your company and create a mobile strategy that will help you achieve your business goals and reach out to the niche audience. We have accumulated a large knowledge base over ten years of experience in mobile design that we are ready to translate into your project.

  • Identifying and prioritizing iOS app functionality
  • Market research and analysis
  • Strategy and monetization
  • Software wireframing and prototyping

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Native App?

As you have probably heard many times. It is not possible to set a fixed price on a development project, but here are the approximate man-hours that a project of particular size typically requires:

  • Small project: 50 hours;
  • Medium project: 100 hours;
  • Large project: 150 hours;
  • Extra large project: over 200 hours.

What Makes an Outstanding App

An awesome program is not simply an app that works, it is an app that combines stunning designs and rich functionality, but also it is a product that successfully reaches its audience. At Magora, experts have developed a seamless strategy that ensures that every single aspect of the app’s success is covered and the final product meets your highest expectations. You do not have to trust us by word - check out our extensive portfolio and experience our great apps.

The Future of Your Organisation Is Mobile

The mobile revolution has already come, so it is high time for your business to catch up. Smartphone usage has already exceeded desktop usage and is not going to stop growing anytime soon. Almost every person on the planet owns a smartphone, and a large part of smartphone owners has tablets as a bigger-screen addition. Connect with the largest audience on the planet through a smartphone program that will appeal to users and provide them with a wide set of useful features.

Stay on Top of the Market

Recent studies show, that in the modern world people prefer to interact with businesses through mobile apps, and the number of online purchases made from mobile phones increases every day. Magora developers keep an eye on the cutting-edge technologies and boast an impressive background in IT areas ranging from web design to native software creation. Moreover, we are proud by our continuous history of success and a varied portfolio of projects that helps enterprises achieve their goals and bring substantial ROI.

Platforms We Develop for

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Android App Design
  • Windows App Design
  • Web-Based Solutions

Magora Strives for Perfection

The cornerstones of our success are heavy investment in skills of our developers and continuous exploration of new horizons. We train each member of our team to meet our high standards, learn about new technologies that emerge on the IT market, share knowledge with younger specialists and hone their skills, writing clear code and implementing complex solutions under the guidance of the senior iOS app developer experts. 

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