How to Become a Good iOS Developer

Introduction to App Development

Magora iPhone developers will outline the five steps you need to go through to become a first-class developer. Many of us who started learning the iOS environment and programming language wish that some similar materials were available at the time. This post will save you a lot of time and effort, so go ahead and good luck. We have prepared this tutorial for people without programming experience but even if you have created an iOS app or two, it may be of help, so keep in reading. We will try to make it precise and easy to understand, touching upon important issues and core aspect of the app development environment and tools. Welcome to the world of mobile development.

Stage One: Learning The Basics of iOS Programming

I know many developers who have watched thousands of videos and read dozens of books on Objective-C and other programming languages, but cannot navigate within this huge amounts of disparate data and sometimes lack some key knowledge.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to first start with good, related and well-organised sources of information on different OS, and only when you have a clear picture of smartphone programing I mind proceed to watching videos and reading blogs.

How To Find Reliable Sources On IOS App Development?

And steer clear from unreliable sources of books, video courses and other tutorials created by amateurs who do not have an in-depth understating of the iPhone environment. They will not provide you with any valuable information, however, you will probably be able to create a simple iOS app that will crash within a couple of hours. Of course, if you only want to take a look at what iOS app development is like, then this information will be absolutely enough, but if you wish to take it seriously, then you need to take a systematic approach, honing your skills one by one.

If you fail to find the right approach to learn iOS development, it can take you forever to create your first mobile application. It happens for a reason - you did not take pains to learn the basics. You cannot get too far in iOS development if you only ask questions on Stack Overflow threads and google how to do certain things right. To develop quality apps you should know how the system works from the inside, you should understand its strong and weak sides and know about different approaches maximise its value.

The two aspects you should pay attention to first are:

  • The fundamentals of programming
  • Object-oriented design

Learning the two aspects will teach you the basics of iOS programming that you will be able to polish and evolve into an iOS development expert or any other specialists in the IT area.

I have a friend who is a professional coder who once told me he wished he knew what aspects of Apple programming to learn first at the time when he started. He said that he was learning the iOS, browsing through Apple’s official documentation but it made practically no sense to him. But once he understood the basics of the Objective-C coding, everything fell into place. We would recommend you a video course from Harvard dedicated to beginners who wish to learn the fundamentals of computer programming - it is a very comprehensive course that goes into all important details and describes everything in plain English.

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Stage Two: the Fundamentals of Programming

Let us make it clear from the very beginning. We know that you have probably met many Swift’s advocates who says that it is the most amazing programming language. Another reason why you may like Swift more is that you have some previous experience in programming and Swift looks more like the language you already know.

As a team of iOS development long-timers we absolutely understand that Objective-C may look like an alien language to a newcomer. Objective-C vs Swift is one of the hottest debates in the world wide web. Do you think this debate is productive? Unfortunately, it is not. You should better practice coding than read such threads.

Top Reasons To Learn The IOS Programming Language

Here are the main benefits that make Objective-C the priority for iOS development beginners:

  • A large amount of GitHub repositories written in Objective-C;
  • A lot of legacy code available;
  • Stack Overflow questions and answers about Objective-C.
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Do you see now why Objective-C is a better language to start with?

Why Objective-C Is Better Than Swift

Imagine such a situation - you have just started learning iOS development and faced an issue that you cannot solve on your own - you need some help, so you go to the Internet and Google the answer: in the case with Objective-C you find a time-proven answer with 500 upvotes and solve the problem, while in the case of Swift you waste a lot of time and effort trying to find another way out with noone to help you.

Find Your Source

Therefore, find a good book on Objective-C and enter the exciting world of iOS programing. You can search for reputable sources on Objective-C in the Internet, ask on forums dedicated to IT or talk to an iOS developer who may be able to recommend you something truly good. Once you have learnt the basics. You will be able to proceed with confidence and learn the further details of the iOS design.

Your First Choice

So if your objective is to become a professional developer one day, Objective-C should be your primary choice. Most IT developers require every iOS programmer to know OBjective-C, while not many developer companies pay much attention to Swift because they find Objective-C more stable, time-proven and reputable to rely on. Trust Magora experts and do not waste your time on any other programing language than Objective-C, once you have learnt it, you will be ready to move on, not the other way round. Moreover, Objective-C will always remain a programming language number one for iOS app development. There are no signs that it will vanish in years to come.

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Stage Three: Practice iOS Programming

iOS was first introduced to the public along with the Apple’s smartphone at the Macworld Conference & Expo that took place in January, 2007, and was released later the same year. Although, Apple promotional materials for the iPhone said nothing about the iOS, with Jobs himself claiming that “iPhone runs OS X” and “desktop applications”, which is quite misleading because it actually runs a version of the OS X and cannot run OS X programs if they are not converted and optimised for the mobile operating system.

Stage Four: Create your First Application

Up to this moment, you have read about tons of app development projects in different tutorials and Apple guidelines, bit have never worked on a project of your own. The time has come. Find a concept of the app that would really excite and compassionate you - it should be something that you truly want to create and that will change the world to the better, standing out from the competition and bringing tangible value to you and consumers.

However, the key to the success of any project is your desire, dedication and determination. These aspect are the most important because app development is a great challenge that you may want to give up in the middle of the way. You should always go forward no matter what - do not let any downfalls and misfortunes let you down, and finally you will become a good iOS developer who is proud of its work and achievements.



Magora iOS Developer Team Wishes You Good Luck

Magora developer team wishes you good luck in this first great adventure of building your first iPhone app, and give you a helping hand in case you need someone to lean on to or ask a question or two about app development.

Feel free to contact us via phone, e-mail, or at our office - we will be extremely happy to provide you with a free consultation, point you in the right direction and crystallize your ideas into a comprehensive app development plan. Have a great time!

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