How to hire mobile app developers in Chicago

The Key Components of Success

Portfolio and references


If you want to investigate the hard skills of a programming team, don’t stop at the resume. Check out their portfolio. If you want first-hand information, you can even get a sample of the open source code.

This will give you more insight into the agency’s talents and proficiency.

Mobile app development is a time-consuming process and involves significant responsibility, so make sure you choose someone you like. If a Project Manager does not ask you any questions or the SRS remains vague, think twice.

Your partner should represent a professional app development team that can provide you with a channel for clear communication.

Communication is key


Price is secondary


You want to stay within your budget, even if it’s limited. However, your goal is to have a quality product that will transform your company into a leader of the pack.

A mobile app is an investment that if cared for provides the highest ROI.
Programming for the Apple smartphones Design for the iOS mobile devices

Be ready for overhead costs

Overhead costs are unavoidable in mobile app development, especially if your idea of the end result is vague. This is absolutely normal and to be expected. If sticking to your budget is top priority, be sure to prepare a detailed financial plan at the stage of Strategy and Assessment.

Prioritize design

Attractive visuals and user-friendly interface are 60% of mobile app development success. Users need to enjoy the technical features of your product, but good design will confirm user come-back.

If you decide to work with a freelance app developer, you should also hire a designer who is experienced in working with apps to guarantee a quality visual concept.

What shows us that RWD has never been more significant is that tablet sales may go above 100 million this year.

Giving a pronounced commercial need to adapt and accommodate mobile screens in a more or less unified design for iPhone and iPad.

Primary concerns when hiring a developer

Is it a professional?

As we have already advised, have a look at their portfolio. And if you are not ready to risk your budget and reputation, address a mobile app development firm with positive reviews where the HR has already made a selection for you.

Disappearance in the middle of the project

You want to be sure you can trust your vendor to listen to your needs, meet deadlines, and finish the project despite instability of the market. Make your relationship with the software developer official and work under the contract. In large development agencies, it is a mandatory condition for cooperation.


App development necessitates flexibility to correspond to daily fluctuations and trends in the market. First, choose a methodology to follow that best suits your needs: Agile or Waterfall. This choice defines the process of app deployment and also time-budget limits.

Agile: work in short iterations, constant client-developer interaction, flexible feature list and final release date.

Waterfall: no changes to the initial agreed upon set of features, rigid budget-time limits, clear plan of action and desired results.

iOS vs Android Users

  • 75% use Android worldwide
  • 2 billion active Android users worldwide monthly
  • 23% use iOS worldwide
  • 63% market share Android in the USA
  • 37% Apple mobile share in the USA
  • 47% of devices worldwide are smartphones
  • 40% smartphone market share in the USA
  • $ million worldwide
  • 14% growth rate of mobile app development market from 2016 to 2022 globally

Reasons to hire a mobile app developer agency

Magora team creates education mobile phone projects

An app design agency has specialists to provide input throughout the development process in-house: from coders and designers to marketers, business analysts, and PR. These resources allow to coincide with the changing necessities of your project. An app design agency has more accountability for its responsibility over your project and will invest significant resources into its success.

Magora - the leader in enterprise app development

At an app developer agency, the quality assurance is a part of the company standards. With freelancers, there is always a risk that you are working with a low-proficiency, non-controllable workforce.

Magora - the expert in Finance app design

Freelance prices are often lower than those of a development agency. Though the pricelist cost per hour seems appealing, keep in mind that you will also have to cover all the potential bugs, as well as to pay for the additional hours. Over 50% of those who work with freelancers end up paying twice - for fixing bugs or remaking the application.



Our flagman solutions


Introduce your app to the platform with the strongest ROI and highest-paying clients.


Conquer new clients with app design for the world's most widespread OS.


Collaborate with Magora to create a cross-platform solution to satisfy the maximum audience.

Need help translating your business ideas into an awesome user-friendly mobile application?
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Our team

When working with Magora, you can stop worrying about the vendor qualifications or communication leakages.

  • We choose carefully future members of our stuff.

    Diplomas and certifications are definitely a plus, but one of the main criteria which we look at is practical experience and the capacity to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

  • We consider the proficiency of our stuff one of our main priorities.

    Our experienced team members, among the best in the labor market, train and mentor new hires, to assure quality and expertise across staff.

  • Every employee undergoes further training.

    Our rigorous selection and training system guarantees that the app developers for hire is a proficient programmer team that will deliver exactly what you desire while paying respect to deadlines.

We ensure all our employees know the ins and outs of the industry because we care about the quality of our work.

Why hire mobile app developers Magora


Consider hiring our app developers because only a select few businesses that achieve national or international success without a well-executed online platform or application. Think of any successful business, large or small, and you will realize that all of them have a strong online presence. Magora will help your enterprise thrive.

With a great team like ours, you will transform your company and be able to distinguish yourself as a market leader, receive thousands of unique visitors every day, and see your enterprise grow before your eyes.


Magora’s staff is reliable. Hire the professional agency and you can forget about the hassle around vacation time, stock options, unemployment, recruiting time, and paperwork because we will take care of everything. We let you decide your level of involvement, and we will work to your needs.

Our Achievements

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Over the years, we have had hundreds of clients. The apps we uploaded to Google App Market and the App Store have been downloaded by tens of thousands of people and have brought the owners both profit and publicity. We have led a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs to mainstream success with the assistance of our experienced consultants that know the ins and outs of the IT and its positive influence on the different industries.

At Magora, we collaborate with startups, middle-sized businesses, and large corporations when they need to develop an application for in-firm use or stand out among the broader market competition.

Make decision

If you have an idea that you would like to transform into reality, consider hiring Magora’s mobile app developer team. Give us a call or drop us a line and we will provide assistance, confidentially evaluate your ideas, and propose a financial plan as well as a promotion strategy for your app or integrated software.

Delegate your project to the mature mobile app developers with strong history of success and you’ll be satisfied with the development results.

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