Messengers and Social Platforms:

We deliver bespoke social network solutions, messengers, collaboration platforms and knowledge networks that blend great user experience with responsive web design. Each project is fully customised to give you the personalised solution your company needs.

Why a social media app?

Customisation takes shape in several aspect of each project. Aesthetic branding creates the look and feel you have been hoping for, while functionality and features can mirror and supplement your existing websites and platforms. Architecture incorporates the latest innovations to ensure a regular customer bases and bespoke features to help your reach your goals. Magora puts all of it into your hands with the highest level of security, protecting data and investment round the clock.

  • Create an identity people recognise
  • Promote to a larger audience and generate leads
  • Analyse extensive data
  • Drive traffic to your website

Our team is well-versed in building IT solutions and marketing them properly, but what sets us apart is our ability to do so in ways that beat the competition and add the greatest value to your business. First impressions are essential, and our projects are developed to keep that focus from the first use and convert your users into paying customers.

Messenger Creation

Magora can carry your business even farther with the development of a dedicated social messenger platform. A messenger can bring many benefits with it, connecting people in an instant, regardless of where they are. In a business environment, this means
Colleagues can collaborate, chat and share work in real time across departments and borders
Virtual meeting rooms are available to discuss and decide important matters with convenience
Travelling on business in no way hampers connection with colleagues or vendors and partners wherever they are located

So why develop
a custom solution instead of just using an existing one?

Your business has sensitive data that is only meant to be seen by trusted employees of your own company. Generic messengers don’t afford you that level of safety, as well as leave you open to hacks into your hardware and software, which have been seen growing in frequency recently.

A tailor-made solution for business is always designed with the high-level of security assurances, meaning you have real-time access to secure databases, contacts and other information. You can integrate standard telephone technology to organise group and individual calls, as well as VPN connections to safely transfer confidential video, photographs and documents and text-to-speech software to save time.

Developing Social Network Apps
at Magora

First we analyse our partners’ business goals, audiences, strengths and weaknesses. We then compare it against our past projects and the experience we have accrued over years of work on social network projects like ShowApp (link) and (links). Finally, we work out the solution which will perfectly suit your business strategy.

Let us discuss your project in details, and we can add our knowledge of IT to your vision and create a diamond social network or new bespoke messaging platform from this combination. If you are interested, we would be glad to share a portfolio of previous social network solutions or other projects that match your needs. Just let us know where your sphere of interest lies.
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