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At Magora, we create tailor-made software for business needs. We integrate principles of UX/UI design, use the latest technologies, and are constantly evolving to deliver high-quality projects. Contact us if you are seeking a professional team in Chicago, which think business, then development.
If you are looking to create a software to revolutionize your business, contact us. Together we can make it come true.

Our technology solutions

project management systems (PMS)

Achieve higher productivity and maximize your team’s potential with a convenient project management system.At Magora, we develop functional and user-friendly PMS solutions that facilitate task distribution, time tracking, collaboration and resource planning.

Warehouse and logistics software

Our developers create tailored stock management solutions that will automatically update warehouse information, calculate raw material orders, and streamline logistics, thus optimizing your storage.

BI solutions

At Magora, we create tailor-made BI software that simplifies the process of big data analysis. Whether you need to predict customers’ behavior, plan resource consumption, or conduct benchmarking, our advanced business intelligence solutions will clarify trends and possibilities for better decision making.

Financial planning software

When the standard budget planning programs do not meet your needs, Magora designs innovative software development system, based on your company’s financial and managerial assets, and is extremely handy.Cutting-edge technologies multiplied by years of expertise help us to provide our clients with advanced financial planning software.

Financial technology solutions

Fintech software is a promising field of custom development that applies technologies to improve the financial sector. With such a customized system, you will be able to provide banking-connected businesses with convenient solutions for trading and assess investment risks.

CRM system

We can develop a customer relationship management system for you to optimize marketing, improve the communication with clients, and increase sales.
How we discuss the new project's architecture

How we Work

    Our custom software development process begins with an analysis of your company’s specific organisational and technological requirements. We also conduct risk analysis and market research in order to stay on the forefront of a quickly changing market.

    User-friendly design is vital, whether it’s for an internal project management system or an SaaS. Your software should be both convenient to use and attractive. At Magora, we prioritize UX/UI principles that correspond with functional design and simplicity.

    At this early stage, our team can provide you with an interactive prototype for testing and presentation.

    Qualified and experienced programmers of Magora create solid and scalable architecture. Our coding is coordinated by professional project managers who consistently meet deadlines and deliver results.

    At this stage of development, we conduct testing in order to make sure we are meeting clients’ expectations.

    As part of our quality assurance process, we review code and test software at every stage of development. We guarantee the high quality of our software based on the QA standards and corporate quality control procedures.

    Our work doesn’t end with the release of your product. We provide our clients with technical assistance and guidance whenever needed.

    We can support the project lounge with the technical description and user manuals, coaching and long-lasting maintenance.


Our favorite projects

Our developers have implemented many successful projects already and are ready to develop the solution for you. We design software that is on-par with the latest technological trends to create reliable solutions that allow companies to reach new levels.

Magora software development team at work, May 2018

What our clients say

  • The quality of development work they provided was great, and their suggestions were especially helpful.
    — Anton Michlin Technical Lead, iSapiens Srl
  • They did the work well and delivered everything within their initial timeframes.
    — Founder, Finance Startup
  • They produce very high-quality, professional work that meets my specifications.
    — Founder, Tech Startup
  • ... we’re very pleased with their code quality. It’s very responsive and does exactly what we want.
    — VP of Operations, E-Commerce Platform

Contact our team

Our software developer team would love to hear from you and discuss your concept.

Customers' reviews: Magora UK 2018

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Advantages of Magora Bespoke Software

At our custom software development firm in Chicago, we create task management software, fintech solutions, cloud computing services, and CMR, and other advanced IT systems to solve problems companies face every day.
Magora has delivered digital programming services for almost 10 years. We specialize in iOS and Android application development, professional UX/UI design and QA. We deliver top-notch software and integrated systems.
We write our own software to fulfill the particular needs of your project. Our experts can also provide third-party code review and fine-tune other developer’s work.
Chief of Magora's service representatives Alex

Magora is here to help you with any complicated IT task.

Tailored solutions grow with your business. When you can not find the appropriate ready app, our team of developers can support your ideas with the proper functionality and flexability.

We always set realistic deadlines by developing step-by-step development processes before beginning. Working in compliance with international standards and corporate quality assurance methodologies, we provide clients with high-quality software on-time and on-budget.

Instead of having to use off-the-shelf software, Magora provides you with an integrated system with increased functionality. It saves time, decreases human errors, and provides the company leaders with transparent reporting about production, ROI, and profit on a daily basis.

Communication with the client is key to successful custom software. Only via open dialog we can clearly understand your hidden needs.
We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of software development. During this time, we have learned to combine traditional methods of programming with innovation and creativity. We are always ready for a challenge, to implement something new.

Full Range of Services

Bespoke apps promote increased productivity, simply making your business run more smoothly. If your company sees the potential returns possible from the development of a tailor-made IT solution unique from what other companies offer, the professional software development team at Magora can help. Based in the USA, we work with many types of businesses to identify their most intricate needs and meet them with our bespoke software systems. Get in touch with Magora developers now.

Let us tell you a little bit more about the technologies we use in our work. Magora UK are proficient in utilising some of the most popular and efficient technologies, modern frameworks and up-to-date libraries. Our team collaborates with other developers at international conferences and scientific congresses to share knowledge and increase expertise, it’s helping us turn ideas into first-class bespoke programs even more efficiently.

At Magora UK, we keep within timeframes and budgets and tackle bespoke projects of any scope and complexity because we aren’t afraid of challenges. Our wide-ranging development experience enables us to find a solution to any problem and ensure that the project fully meets your expectations. We have a continuous track record of successful projects that have brought substantial ROI and long-term value to their owners. So if you’re here because you’re looking for a bespoke software development team to bring your creative ideas to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch or pop in to our UK headquarters.

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