Web and mobile e-commerce app and POS software development cases

E-commerce and POS apps

As an e-commerce industry is a highly competitive field, to win on the commercial market we have to create for our clients innovative and flawless apps, that excel in functionality and intuitive design. At the same time web and mobile e-commerce apps, due to its popularity, and longevity on the market, provides many examples that we can analyse and learn from. We borrow from the best, implementing exceptional designs and unique approaches to functionality. 

It was made possible only owing to close collaboration with customers, which shared with us secrets of commercial advantages of their products and services. Besides our experience in social apps, corporate development cases allowed us to build unique POS solutions, such as Audience Management Software, Awnings, Trade Blotter, Brandskout, etc. In most cases the purpose of custom software is to provide an additional way of gaining income, and there should always be something more than just an app. Keeping this in mind, we have extended effectiveness with a premium version of Bos Magazine, made it easier to pay through mobile solution - Prognostore, or monitor statistics with Hedge Funds.

For more, browse our mobile ecommerce app development cases below. We are proud of making our client’s commercial success possible and ready to share more information about any POS or e-commerce project from our portfolio.

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