The Benefits of Medical Mobile App Creation

Healthcare is a booming industry, and Magora is playing a dynamic role in its growth. A crucial sector, the medical industry has been identified as in great need of new technology that can modernise, automise and better organise the many diverse aspects of patient care and hospital management, improving patient well-being, staff efficiency and overall success of any practice.

Magora is fully equipped to create and upgrade healthcare apps

  • Clinical Management Apps. Modern technology can extend patient care beyond the walls of any medical centre, and Magora apps are useful for both practitioners and patients to follow a course of treatment with scheduling of medication, reminders and easy access to the relevant informational material.
  • Monitoring Apps. For more serious conditions, applications can monitor patient well-being and alert users, including their physicians, about any major changes in health, permitting mobile consultations and notification of important developments in and outside of medical centre.
  • Hospital Admin. With Magora, health care facilities can simplify daily procedures, such as scheduling, registration, billing, and other administrative tasks through easy-to-use, interfaces. Access is protected by the most advanced security features available to ensure confidential data remains protected.
  • Portable Medical Devices. New devices such as Apple Watch and wearable medical equipment can be integrated with customised software to collect data and monitor developments in real-time.
  • Training and Education. The knowledge available to the medical community continues to grow rapidly, and applications provide students, patients and practicing staff to access the most current information on a number of conditions, medications, and other relevant information.
  • Healthcare and App Expertise. Medical professionals require extensive knowledge to become experts in their fields, which often leaves a gap in understanding concerning software development and the latest trends and advancements in mobile and web application technology. Magora specialises in bridging that gap, with experience in developing healthcare-specific apps for a number of partner. Magora can leverage their own knowledge of everything technical with understanding of the healthcare industry and focus on partner input to bring any idea from concept to a fully-functional reality.

Benefits of App Development with the Magora Team

Comprehensive knowledge of business practices, working processes and challenges facing medical professionals, gained from work on numerous healthcare several projects
Extensive expertise in the integration of apps that utilise Apple’s HealthKit, the developer toolkit designed specifically to improve well-being and health through advanced technology.
Full adherence to all local and national regulations in project documentation and development
By integrating this powerful software properly, health services can extend their reach wherever it needs to me in a radically new way.
Epic’s President declared that “Apple’s HealthKit has tremendous potential to help close the gap between consumer collected data and data collected in traditional healthcare settings”.

The Magora team relies on dialogue with our clients at every stage of the process, valuing input which they can then incorporate into features and design. Transparency is critical to success, so clients are encouraged to question any part of the process, ensuring complete understanding and satisfaction with their tailored application or software.

Past Magora medical projects include: InnovaCare,
Doctor Ots

Magora works with a wide array of healthcare professionals, such as general practitioners, private clinics, clinical researchers and many others. Full support is available for every aspect of development, launch and maintenance of any product, with specialists available to work with clients on initial concept refinement and visualisation, the creation of winning marketing and monetisation strategies and much more, all to guarantee our projects result in commercially viable applications that add value to existing services and structures.

If you are interested in comparing something specific, you can send us details about your idea, and we can send you a presentation of past projects that most resemble it, as well as an explanation of we can help you to structure, create and implement medical bespoke software or a healthcare mobile app into your work.
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