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An Educational Golf Tool


Among the many tasks Magora’s iOS developers solve, it’s a pleasure when they get a chance to deal with educational projects. In a way there is double benefit, for coaches and “students”. Trainers get a job and their followers gain new knowledge and skills. Nowadays, a self-funded education is available to everybody who has a gadget on hand. Mobile apps help us to experience new things or to fill in the blanks in our knowledge. That’s why developing an educational iOS app is so popular among our team. With these programs, it’s easy to study at any time and at your own pace. Even athletes use apps as a modern and convenient way of training, with the added opportunity to run virtual practices and workouts.

Our customers from Chicago, professional golf players, decided to try mobile coaching. They reached out to Magora’s iOS application development department, requesting to create a mobile app for golf enthusiasts. It would help them to instruct on swinging techniques and the “golf fixes” that so many amateurs and professionals are always after. It would become a sort of personal assistant in their mobile phones, with the app managing personalised training programs and permitting users to do their exercises anywhere they like.    

Magora: Brief

iOS app development is one of the most important sphere in Magora’s work, and an educational project places even more responsibility on the app developers. By design, this new iOS application, Core Power Golf, will be full of video lessons, workouts and other useful materials from professional golf coaches. From a technical standpoint, it was no problem for our experts to create this video instructor. Core Power Golf applies the waterfall methodology and ASP.NET, and there was a standard MVP deployment process.

The content administrator is one of our customers, professional Long Driver, Kevin Hennessy. He films and publishes video lessons in different categories:

  • Warm-ups
  • Workouts
  • Golf Tips and Correction
  • Physical Exercises and Strength Training

This iOS app provides users with relevant video content based upon their level, which they select as part of their profile set-up. Any additional video is available  for viewing by exploring the extensive video catalogue. As you can see, this app combines simple but inclusive functionality.         

It’s always very important when we undertake iOS mobile app development to increase our client’s profits and to benefit users. Core Power Golf achieves both for user “students” and golf coaches. In the app, new professional athletes will be registered as virtual iOS coaches and will be able to amass a following. Each trainer can set up their own profile and download their videos.

iOS UI Design Specially for Sports

This latest Magora educational project is targeted at golf fans who want the chance to train and improve their skills, regardless of what the weather’s like or how far they are from the course. That’s because they can watch training video courses and practise their craft every day, regardless of where they are - the office, home or even in traffic. Our mobile app contains golf tips and corrections video, their description.        

As our customers requested, Magora’s developers divided video content into two groups: Free and Premium. Non-authorized users can watch warm-ups, view the menu, browse sections and visit CPG Store with fitness equipment and clothing. Creating a premium profile and paying unlocks the full wealth of content of this iOS app.        

With this educational app, thanks to Magora’s iOS mobile app development team, golf enthusiasts can improve their game and gain new skills from professional coaches in different disciplines: Driving Tips, Short Game, Hook & Slice, etc.

Developing for iOS is always a challenging task, as the target group is the most demanding. And we are always trying to create useful and clear apps. Core Power Golf can be your personal professional trainer, who lives in your iPhone and is available to you 24/7. Our developers have made sure that your “coach” will be able to answer all of your questions and show you the right way to cut down your handicap.  

Magora: Solution

Magora has successfully finished our sports educational project. Our customers, professional coaches and golf oriented users worldwide, have now got a mobile app with iOS UI design for training their skills. iOS app development company Magora is a team of talented young designers for hire. We like to deal with educational programs, it’s an additional challenge and responsibility for us. To learn more, see other examples from the “Our Work” section of our site: “Training courses” and “Pocket CPE”   


Magora: Result
Magora IT company project: Timeline
Education software

Our developers published a web application for creating customised timelines with rich features and social network connectivity such as sharing and sending via e-mail. Operating with Phantomjs, we managed to efficiently convert HTML with styles as well as SVG graphics into PDF files.

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