Mobile app development in Chicago with Magora

Mobile app development in Chicago, Illinois

Magora is an awarded mobile app development agency that delivers customized smartphone and tablet applications and integrated systems to clients to help them solve challenging business tasks.

Generate revenue and promote your brand with custom-made mobile applications, designed by Magora

We have a robust portfolio of high-quality mobile products that have helped our clients earn profit and build successful brands. At Magora, we combine experience, top-notch technologies, and creativity to deliver superior smartphone and tablet apps.

Services for mobile application development in Chicago, IL

iOS development

Strengthen your position on the platform with the highest ROI with top-level mobile software for iPhone and iPad

Applications for tablets

Adapt your iOS app design to improve user experience on different screens; iPad included

Android mobile development

High demand makes Android a perfect platform for launching your app

Web application development

Develop a hybrid application if you are unsure about your audience’s device preferences

Integrated system creation

An integrated system unites mobile development with other technologies for broader functionality

Maintenance and support

After the release, we provide maintenance and consultation to keep your software running and up-to-date

How we build successful
mobile applications

Mobile app development consultation

From the start of our journey together, we ensure transparency in the process. We discuss the plan of action and build a precise app deployment roadmap. At each stage of the development, we encourage you to participate in discussions.

UI/UX design for mobile systems

At Magora, a talented team of designers create an accurate user’s journey map to predict its intuitive nature and functionality. Our user-friendly interfaces are created based on extensive research which help us better understand how clients are going to use the app.

Reliable team of developers

Having a decade of experience in iOS and Android development, we are proud to provide you with secure customized mobile solutions. We partner with our clients in a collaborative environment to help realize their boldest ideas.

Magora — a mobile app developer brings mobility to your business

Create a breath-taking mobile application in just 6 easy steps



We do market analysis to determine your project’s relevance and ensure the future success of your mobile app. Magora’s analysts implement competitors analysis to figure out, what USP your competitors have and to work out the best solution for your niche.

Feature map

Working alongside you, we will determine priority of the features, set the timelines, design interactions, and define logistics behind the app. Usually, we start with basic functionality for a prototype, providing you with a valuable working solution and adding more functionality a bit later.


Our experienced designers create the concept, through software architecture schemes, UI mockups and some graphic images, ensuring to reflect your business’ identity. Our team can provide you with an interactive prototype for testing and presentation.


Magora’s team codes the app, realizing the designs into a functional program. At this point, the mobile application is almost ready for release.


Our quality assurance team rigorously tests the app for functionality and security assurance.


We submit your brand-new application to the App Store, where, available for users, it can begin to make profit for your business.

What our clients say

They started and finished on time, produced work reliably, and made the whole process seamless.
— CEO, Internet Company
... we’re very pleased with their code quality. It’s very responsive and does exactly what we want.
— VP of Operations, E-Commerce Platform
They provided an excellent ratio of quality, price, and communication.
— Project Manager, Eurekly
Magora has done very well at onboarding us, selling to us, servicing us, and providing great post-service.
— Head of Research & Development, Financial Products Firm
We’ve had very good customer feedback for the platform, which is the best compliment we can get.
— CTO, Voice Services Company
The platform is functional, fluid, and user-friendly. It was also delivered in a timely manner.
— Creative Director, Kitchen Faucet Manufacturer

Are you ready to develop a mobile app that will be the next great success?

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Collaboration with a reliable mobile app development company is an essential step for future success.. In app programming, the budget, timing, and success of the project largely depend on the proficiency of the team. Only mature IT companies with skilled programmers, testers, and UI designers can guarantee you a seamless, user-friendly, stable, and invulnerable app.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

An app with a limited list of features built by freelance programmers or non-coding app builders costs between $30,000 and $65,000.
Advanced mobile applications, similar to Uber or AIrbnB, can cost from $500,000 to $1,000,000 or more.
Apps created by Magora range from $65,000 to $650,000, depending on complexity and the chosen platform.
Once you get a detailed software requirement specification (SRS) and know exactly what you need, the IT agency can evaluate the project and provide you with a precise budget plan and step-by-step development schedule.
Since many business owners need support at the initial stage of mobile app development for investigation of the idea feasibility and the USP refinement, our team can do all the research and discovery for you.
Magora IT experts will create a detailed and clear SRS that includes accurate pricing, timing, desired features, and project development milestones.
App development experts Magora
Magora's client: Danone
Magora's client: Unilever
Magora's client: Toyota
Magora's client: Cisco
Magora's client: Yandex
Magora's client: Vielda

Server integration services

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a platform for building powerful integration solutions, including extraction, transformation, and load packages for data warehousing.
With the SSIS your customized application can include functionality for sending e-mail messages; implementing the cross-devises synchronisation of information as well as the reserve copying of data.

Customised websites

Magora’s designers and developers work together to deliver a safe and well designed website to represent your company on the internet. Combining high-quality web programing with smart marketing strategies, Magora offers you a product that benefits your business by both helping your existing clients and reaching a broader spectrum of new customers.


We follow constantly evolving standards of Apple’s development and create applications that are functionally advanced and technologically relevant. We have successfully released to the App Store hundreds of mobile apps.
In our work, we use modern libraries like Alamofire, RxSwift, Promise Kit, CocoaLumberjack, Mantle and frameworks like Core Date, Home Kit and Core Spotlight.


We create uniquely reliable, functional, and fast smartphone and tablet applications for Android platform, the most popular OS in the world. Our creative designers are concerned with the best possible user experience when developing for Android by using the principles of responsive design and adapting to a variety of different screen sizes.

Web and mobile applications

At Magora, we specialize in not only mobile but also web applications to increase functionality for corporate internet presence. Our programmers are proficient in Java, PHP, C#, Swift, Objective-C and so on and utilise Angular.js, React Native, Meteor.js, and other frameworks.


Whether it’s an e-commerce website or a business application, a monetization strategy is an important aspect. A digital product can bring you money via pay-by-click advertising, in-app purchases, subscription packages etc. At Magora, we can advise you on how to master (craft?) the strategy most suitable to your business.


When working on a corporate website, we want it to be prioritized in SERPs. We design a website that is beneficial for the future search engine optimization, laying the functionality for its success.

Mobile app development consulting

Target audience market research is a potential instrument for obtaining client preferences and developing mobile applications equipped with the necessary functionality. We will model your application based on market demands to ensure your products/services are ahead of the pack. At Magora, we first think business, then development.

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