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This section contains terms related to usability, which is by general definition the quality of the user experience when interacting with a product or system, such as a website or a software application.

In technical IT terminology, usability is the metric indicating the easiness of use for the software or application, and the learnability of a tool, gadget or, user’s satisfaction, by estimating the efficiency and convenience of the provided interface.

Usability development is a methodological approach to creating a website or any other user interface that we take seriously here at Magora. This is a practical way to get a product that works for the user. The development of usability includes several methods that are consistently applied in the process:

  • Requirements specification;
  • Prototypes development and testing;
  • Alternative design options evaluation;
  • User problems analysis;
  • Solution proposal and testing of the site (or any other interface).

The usability testing is part of our development process. In a typical test, the user performs a number of tasks using a prototype (or other system), and at this time the observer records what the user is doing and his or her feedback. Usually the test is conducted with one user or with two working together. Testing can include the collection of data such as the sequence of actions to achieve the task, the errors that users make, when and where users have difficulties, how quickly users perform tasks, and how much they like to use the product. The goal of most tests is to detect any problems that may occur to a user.

If you want to know more about usability and have any terms related to this category that you don’t understand, please send your questions to and we will be happy to explain any specific term in one of our next publications.

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