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Software development

In this section you’ll find terms related to the development of complex software systems. We’ve collected technical expressions, slang and some IT terms in common use in the professional software developer community. You can ask questions or suggest adding a term to our Dictionary by sending your request to marketing@magora-systems.com.

Like other traditional engineering disciplines, software development has it’s set of steps. It includes design, coding and testing processes and support for computer programs and mobile applications:

  • Design - the second most important component of the product after its technical characteristics, affecting the speed and efficiency of user interaction with it. The design is defined by requirement specification - as a rule, simplicity, intuitiveness and minimum necessary efforts to perform any given action (achieving a result), as well as attractiveness and conformity to the company and/or product style are important.
  • Coding is usually associated with the term software development, but is only one aspect of it. Developers choose the programming languages suitable for the tasks specified in the SRS and write the software code. It is important that the final code is sufficiently optimised, concise and understandable.
  • Testing is carried out at each stage of software development. Specialists check whether the program works as it should on different devices under various conditions.
  • Documentation is the procedure to establish the plan, process and result of software development. This part of the process includes all the initial information (SRS, design), work plans, costs, testing, task list at each stage, work reports and so on. Documentation is necessary for the rapid and accurate identification of errors and transparency of joint work as legally required by the contract.
  • Technical support for software users can include a large number of options depending on the customer's wishes and needs - for example, hotline allocation, consultations, training, elimination of any problems arising during software operation and any modification to the needs of the client, including integration of new features and updates.

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