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This section of our dictionary contains terms related to the Network concept. It is a system that provides data exchange between computing devices (computers, servers, routers, etc.).

It includes also the Wide Area Network (WAN) that is a computer network that covers large areas and consist of a number of computers.

WAN serves to connect disparate networks so that users and computers, wherever they are, can interact with each other over a global network.

Global networks differ from local ones in that they are designed for an unlimited number of subscribers and users. However, they do not usually consist of very high-quality communication channels, they have a relatively low transfer rate, and the exchange control mechanism can’t guarantee top speed because of some bottlenecks.

At the moment it is still impossible to form a clear and unambiguous line between local and global networks. Most local networks have access to the global network, but the nature of the transmitted information, the principles of the exchange, the access modes to resources within the local network, are usually very different from those that are in the global. And, although all computers on the local are also included in the global one, this does not have an affect on the specifications and efficiency.

There are a lot of terms and definitions that we aim to cover in this section. If any networking concepts are still unclear to you, do not hesitate to send your questions to and we’ll add the terms in the near future.

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