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App development

Application development is the process of creating a software application. This can mean the development of a mobile app or a web application, but both have the same process deviation from a technical point of view.

  • All of the work implemented on the user end (administration, content creation, visualisation of the user interfaces, etc.) is referred to in the professional environment as the front-end.

We can imaginarily divide the front-end into the visual part of the interface and the technical part or administrative panel, where system administrators manage users and resources and the content managers add the content (like new articles, goods and service description, stock items IDs, product descriptions, pictures, prices, etc.). All this data is transferred to the server side for storage.

  • Access to the information users require through the app is implemented on the server-side of the software. This part of the application is referred to by the developers the back-end.

The back-end part is responsible for complicated calculations, sampling, data storage and the transportation of the information requested by the user from the client’s side, or front-end.

To speed up the communication between the user and server side, instead of manual requests, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are used. These are multiple-request transportation systems with no visual interfaces, only machine coding solutions.

  • By integration of the front-end and the back-end via APIs, users can get all the requested data in the convenient pre-designed interfaces of the application.
The whole process of creating the functional block of the back-end, the visual and functional realisation of the front-end and APIs via which the application gets all the necessary functionality to answer the user’s needs is called application development. As the process is complicated, and the coding can be implemented via a wide range of programming languages, the set of terms related to this dictionary section is very wide. We’ve covered the most commonly used words and will be glad to explain other difficult technical expressions. Please send your questions to marketing@magora-systems.com and we’ll add the terms in the very near future.
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