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SEO or search engine optimisation is a critical activity targeted at influencing the way your website appears in search engine request results. When implemented diligently, this can achieve great success for your company website visibility in the search engine page results (SERPs)

SEO has several classifications: can be divided to the on-site and off-site SEO

All the activity, targeted to the separate website pages or the whole domain - called on site SEO. All the work, which is implemented outside the promoted web site - off site SEO.

So far as the methods of search optimisation are concerned, these are some of the following terms:

White Hat SEO - involve positive actions, which are aimed at improving the site usability for visitors. For example, correction of technical errors, increase of site speed, and changes of content and design, so that users have a great experience when browsing these pages.

Black Hat SEO - these are actions, which prohibited by the search engine owners, but are implemented by hackers to put the site on top of the SERPs.

Gray Hat SEO - is the mixture of black and white methods, or implementation of the techniques, which are not directly prohibited, but can be risky.

Some examples of external methods are: link building, interaction with social media, benchmarking, SEO press-releases, etc.

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