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Cryptocurrency and NFT has always been a promise of greater equality. Financial equality, but also equality of participants. Unfortunately, twice as many men deal with cryptocurrency as women, according to a 2021 CNBC survey.

Even celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Mila Kunis are now inviting women to invest in NFTs, a zone that has been dominated almost by men only. Here are just some examples: Boss Beauties, an NFT collection of “beautifully diverse, empowered women,” has deals with Barbie. Eva Longoria bought two NFTs from the CryptoChicks collection, which celebrates “the unique, diverse beauty of all women around the world.” Whiterspoon wants to develop feature films and television series based on Ethereum's World of Women NFT collection.

The latter, as a matter of fact, iis NFT's most successful women-focused collection to date. Its co-founder Yam Karkai's idea raised more than $40 million in two weeks. Although the set sold out almost immediately when it was released in July, the pieces are only now becoming coveted collectibles: The rarest WoW NFTs - all of which were originally priced at 0.07 ETH, or about €200 - are now selling for 750-1000 ETH. In total, the project has an Opensea volume of 972ETH. As you can see, World of Women is a heavyweight in the NFT scene.

How to become the next famous NFT female?

Principally every artist can try herself in the world of NFT.

To be successful in NFT, an artist needs to build her brand, just as in traditional art. This process is not quick, and it requires constant and often routine actions. But the NFT path immediately leads to the international market, which is getting bigger every day. Every artist whose work can be represented digitally should try her hand at NFT. This includes artists, photographers, and dabsters in computer graphics. If you design physical artwork, consider how the NFT format can enrich it. For example, you can animate a static picture or add hidden content. Be original and make the most of the digital format.

Artists who work in 3D will be pleased to know that goods built in the Metaverse are drawing investor attention.

Have a look at these three most famous women artists:

Gala Mirissa is a digital artist based in Barcelona. Her special feature is to combine photography and art with motion graphics in order to create something that seems alive. You can find her on OpenSea, Blockchain Art Exchange, PixEOS Art Gallery, NFT Showroom etc..

Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles-based visual artist. Her works lie between conceptual and commercial spheres and cover different industries including music, fashion and technology.

Josie is a pioneering artist and designer who has been creating crypto art since 2017. Having started in a finance sector, she now creates art that tells the story of the crypto ecosystem journey.

Let us accompany you to your first NFT art collection

So the world of crypto is not a mystic land any longer and businessmen want to make the most of it and be more flexible with short response time. There are various approaches to expand in the worldwide market, such as white label solutions, depending on specific business demands. Magora can help you start your own NFT marketplace or offer its white label solution to build an NFT network for the next generation of artists and collectors. Play-to-Earn gaming, according to current trends, will create a bulk of chances for both gamers and creators. With our help, you can comfortably access gaming assets, allowing you to link a wallet, download material, set a price, and withdraw payments, as well as search and filter options. With over 500 examples and a decade of work under its belt, Magora specializes in turn-key projects and provides tailor-made solutions that match the requirements of your creative ideas.

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