Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools 2017

Best Business Intelligence Tools for Comprehensive Analytics

Business intelligence tools are helpful in allowing you to collect, integrate, analyse and present raw data about your company's performance. They can be used for data mining, reporting, analytical processing, benchmarking and other core activities that measure and enhance business process efficiency, structuring disparate pieces of data into easy-to-understand visualisations. Magora’s experts have made a list of the best BI tools of 2017 to help you easily analyse raw data and make informed decisions about your organisation’s future.


Looker is one of the most versatile tools that covers all the BI needs of an average small or medium-sized business. Take a look at the wide range of tasks it can take on:

  • Tracks, evaluates, and manages all conversions in real time
  • Monitors logistics processes, allowing you to track the journey of every product
  • Brings all the data about your customers together, creates a customer health score and predicts possible churn
  • Centralises marketing campaign analytics into a single dashboard, keeping track of KPIs
  • Measures support team performance, determines opportunities for employee training and analyses different factors that impact issue resolution
  • Maps user interactions on your website through A/B tests, live traffic monitoring and long-term performance reports
  • Provides advanced product analytics, determining the impact of product changes, differences in customer behaviour and friction points

The best thing about Looker is that all the reports are customisable and can be close-up examined for a more in-depth understanding of all the details contained in the charts.

Style Intelligence

Style Intelligence is a BI platform that allows businesses to transform data into advanced mashups, interactive dashboards, corporate reports and multidimensional charts. We like this tool for its simplicity and compatibility with different third-party services.

  • Great for individuals, but can also be scaled for enterprise use
  • Integrates all data into a single mashup in real time
  • Uses brushing for in-depth data exploration  
  • Connects to frequently used databases and third-party services such as OLAP cubes, Cassandra, Hadoop/HIVE, MapR, SAP HANA, MongoDB, PeopleSoft, SAP ERP, Siebel CRM, Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Analytics and many more

Style Intelligence is great for individuals and businesses who need a basic BI tool that monitors key metrics from different channels and integrates them into minimalistic yet comprehensive visual reports.


While most BI tools provide businesses with analytical reports for internal use, GoodData focuses on the commercial value of raw data. GoodData is a cloud-based service for business intelligence and analytics that not only helps companies gain valuable insights about their performance through rigorous data analysis, but also enables them to monetise their informational assets, turning data into a source of revenue. It enables enterprises to easily create and distribute user-friendly analytics with responsive visualisations to company departments, business partners and customers to better inform them about the business, improving relationships and increasing customer loyalty. The platform has a free trial, so you can try it out without any obligation.


Another easy-to-use cloud-based solution that is perfect for those who need quick and easy access to business analytics. With Chartio, you can create beautiful visualisations very fast thanks to its drag-and-drop interface. Moreover, you can access the platform from mobile devices on the go and instantly save all charts created in PNG, JPEG, PDF or CSV format. Now you know where to get a great looking report in minutes if you accidentally run across a potential investor or business partner.

These are the four BI tools that have been in the limelight for us this year. If you’re looking for a platform with comprehensive analytics and user-friendly reports, you’re certain to find an option that fits your company’s needs, whether it is measuring your business's KPIs, presenting information to your customers or creating visualisations on the go.

Tom Dicson
April 26, 2017
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