Why Is a CTA Button Important for Your Site?

How to make a good CTA

Button with CTA or Call to Action is a necessity for your online lead generation. When reading endless recommendations about the optimal colour and location of a CTA button. Change the bright green to yellow, make it bigger, shorten the words to one: buy / order."But it doesn’t work" - this might be the first thing that comes into your mind. It's true - the CTA becomes effective only as part of an integrated approach to creating a website. So let’s figure it out.

What is CTA?


what is call to action


CTA (Call-to-Action) is a "bridge" between the conversion and user actions. Conversion is the coverage of people who have moved to the site. This button makes it possible to achieve a certain goal more effectively.

A good CTA button is simple, minimalistic, and fits the overall style of your site. If you have many call-to-action buttons, the user will not interact with all of them. You can ask users to make an order, but adding a few more actions on the same page is a bad idea. Sometimes it’s better to move your call-to-action into the website footer.

How to Make Your Button Work


Efficient call to action


  • Colour. The button’s colour should supplement the general concept of your website. In the case of the image above, the skillfully chosen colour fits perfectly into the design and makes the right accent.
  • Words. Even those who’ve come just to look at the site will pay attention to the word "free".
  • Message. Again, if a user monitors the site, even if they don’t have the first idea about a subscription, he or she will think: "why not?". Free month-long subscriptions on popular movie and music portals catch visitors much faster.

But "catchiness" doesn’t always work - especially if the button is placed near topical goods or services. The main focus is no longer on it. Users will search for it themselves. In this case, the call button becomes only a part of a larger advertising campaign.

If you have a landing page, then you already know:

  • How you plan to promote it;
  • What the sources for promotion  are;
  • Where the landing is located;
  • Its purpose / task;
  • What you sell.

Therefore, your new goal should be "unobtrusive." A good advertising project is, first of all, soft. Consider this example.


cta design example

Thanks to the design, the user understands that their PDF files will be improved.


Pay attention to how harmonious the text, colours and CTA are together. Information about the goods available must be submitted concisely.


Let’s Consider a Couple of Examples


pre-order cta
We see that here the call to action is registration for pre-order. 

On this landing page, the catchy background has unequivocally been perfectly chosen based on what the coffee machine looks best set against.

call to action design


In no case can the CTA button be considered separately - it is part of the overall picture.

About the Most Important Aspect


professional web design


There is no definite formula for CTA success. In fact, the key secret is the overall harmony the page creates. If the purpose of the page is to sell goods then, in this case, the button should be catchy. Here we can already talk about a specific colour: yellow or blue. But in general, everything depends on the design - this is the overall picture.

The main thing is that the user’s attention should immediately be drawn to it.

If the purpose of the page is downloads, then bright colours are very welcome. A small text (description or slogan) together with an interesting background will manage to catch the user's attention.

Let's Summarise

  • Optimal colour for CTA doesn’t exist.
  • There’s no need to focus on bright colours all the time.
  • Test the CTA button.
  • Understand what target audience you work for.
  • Develop a marketing plan for your landing.
  • CTA strongly affects conversion, since this is the user’s final stop (where they register / buy)

Find more design ideas and inspiration here.

Call-to-action is a priority element of the siteand should be dialled up first. If you’re going to upgrade your landing page or develop a new point of sales from the ground up, our team is waiting for your project. Just drop us a line.





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