Common Problems that you can solve with a Bespoke Warehouse App

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Common Problems that you can solve with a Bespoke Warehouse App

If you are responsible for warehouse or inventory management, you know the various challenges facing your operations every day. There are a number of issues that can stand in the way of your warehouse being as efficient as it could be. However, with app development, you can gain insight into how to save time, cut costs and improve customer service. By providing you with a top down view that allows for greater efficiency, custom-made apps built around your business can solve common warehousing problems through automation. That’s hugely valuable for any business, because streamlining your warehouse management means streamlining your entire supply chain.

Inaccurate Inventory

Problem: When dealing with manual inventory/stock management, errors can and will happen. By way of human error (or negligent staff), you can always expect that manual (paper or digital) inventory management will always miss the mark on complete accuracy. Humans simply cannot get it right every time, meaning that your records may very well show a number higher or lower than the reality. Some serious consequences of this are failure to to fulfil client orders due to lack of inventory and poor cash flow due to excess stock.

Solution: Automation means that stocks cannot be added or removed without the necessary data input. Nothing happens without accurate data means the information you have in stock is accurate at all times. An app is the most effective way to do this, and it uses barcode technology to track inventory as it is added or removed, requiring confirmation to ensure nothing is missed. Whenever there is an instance of non-compliance, the app will alert the user via notification or beep.


Pick Accuracy

Problem: Without a warehouse management system, your business is liable to suffer from inaccurate order picking. When you are preparing an item for a customer or for dispatch, you rely on your staff picking out the right item. When this doesn’t happen, you diminish the level of service from your company, and, in the case of transporting goods to another location, it can be a costly mistake.

Solution: With barcodes and scanners, an app ensures that the right item is selected every time. The app won’t let your staff take the item unless the scanner matches the barcode of the item with the correct order code on the app. This mean a warehouse app can take your order picking accuracy to 100%.

Inefficient Inventory Location

Problem: Managing space in a warehouse effectively is a perennial problem for managers. How do you lay out your inventory to reduce the time it takes for staff to pick up orders and stock shelves? What is the best route for staff to take? This is important when looking to provide the fastest service to clients, as well as maximize the utility of staff.

Solution: A custom-built app built around your business can track the routes inventory takes round your warehouse and calculate the quickest route for your employees to take. This saves you time and money, as well as improving customer experience.

Redundant Ticketing


Problem: In a large warehouse, tickets for an item can pass through several hands. From the front-of-house staff to a checker, then to a forklift driver to a dispatcher, there are many opportunities for tickets to be lost.

Solution: With an app, the information is there on the screen at every point in the process, whether it is at the front, on the forklift, at the exact storage location, etc. The information for the order is entered into the app and easily accessed at every stage.

Poor Layout

Problem: Inefficient storage and maximization of space can mean not holding enough inventory and slow access to stores. Are you using the right storage methods for your business? If your most frequently moved stock is not the easiest to access, your operations are not efficient.

Solution: An app easily identifies which products are moved frequently and the best place to store them. Ease of access provides faster service, faster dispatch and improved customer service.

App Development is a Powerful Streamlining Tool

Your warehouse operations inevitably come with overheads, and these must be kept to a minimum in order to maintain profit margins and ensure efficient supply chains. Apps streamline warehouse processes, making your operations faster, easier and more transparent. A bespoke app will integrate with your existing ecommerce processes, seamlessly bringing together various parts of your businesses. It can be a hugely valuable tool that positively impacts your bottom line.



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