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What is a Framework?

Bespoke app or web development is a large-scale process that involves multiple phases and requires meticulous work. But anyway, program development processes have a common base that allows IT specialists to resort to the help of frameworks. A framework is a ready-to-use structure that consists of template solutions and serves as a skeleton for software development. Afterwards, IT specialists add and upgrade all necessary features, make changes to the code if needed, and create their own unique product. The framework increases a programmer’s productivity and, moreover, optimizes the whole development process. It allows you to return to prior experience and not reinvent the wheel because there is already a code that suits you. Moreover, software stability increases while using a framework. To choose the right framework, you need to choose a programming language and analyse the task of a future product. With bespoke software development booming, the number of good-quality frameworks has also increased. Let’s have a look at several of them.


It is an open-source platform for creating mobile and desktop web apps. It is built with the TypeScript syntax and was formed by the strong Google team with the cooperation of specialists from other companies. It is built on the MVC architecture pattern (Model-View-Controller). Angular aims to create fronted high-performing web pages. Furthermore, it easily works with enterprise scale data, engaging its libraries, controllers, and directives. However, the extensive database sometimes complicates figuring out all the inner processes.

React JS

According to statista.com, React JS gained the first place in popularity in 2021. Facebook developed this framework in 2011 and is still collectively maintaining it with an open source community. Essentially, it is a JS library rather than a framework. It works with a virtual DOM, which offers quick updates to documents. Its popularity is explained by flexibility and keeping pace with all the cutting-edge technology. It is good for the creation of single-page dynamic interface apps. React JS is also perfect for the development of mobile applications. As an advantage, we may add an achievable learning curve. But anyway, you need to understand JSX syntax.


The Apple company is known for its simplicity and conciseness, which doesn’t prevent it from going hand in hand with broad functionality and high performance. Following these rules, in 2019, the SwiftUI framework was introduced. It uses smart Xcode with straightforward and natural declarative syntax to force the speed of the mobile app user interface development. The convenience lies in the automatic mode of Live Preview and allows you to monitor the work result in real time. Moreover, Debug Preview shows immediately all bugs and errors. Basically, it is great across all the Apple ecosystems: macOS, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and tvOS, but unfortunately, from the latest version of iOS 13 and further. To resolve this, SwiftUI can be easily integrated with UIKit via UIHostingController.


”Happy developers write the best code,” they say in Laravel. One of the most popular PHP-frameworks. It includes functions that are crucial for modern app development, like an extensive library and wonderful API support. In the framework, Eloquent ORM is used, which simplifies work with databases and, thanks to caching and fronted optimization, speeds this work up. Laravel uses the MVC architecture for better support and has automatic tests for stable work. It is maintained by numerous IT companies, but regardless, highly professional developers are required to work with Laravel.

Ruby on Rails 

By the means of the Ruby on Rails framework, IT specialists have created more than 800,000 websites since its inception. It uses the Ruby programming language, which has a user-friendly syntax. Its characteristics are enormous, powerful libraries and a variety of tools. RoR is perfectly suited for the development of cloud-based programs. Such companies as Airbnb or Bloomberg are powered by this framework. The framework is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture pattern, which accelerates the work and is easy to use. The whole framework is pretty intuitive, that makes the development process more pleasant.

There are many other wonderful frameworks, and it is paramount to choose the right one at the beginning. Remember, there is no perfect one–for each purpose there is a nice tool. Magora developers will scrupulously select the best framework for your project and help you to dive smoothly into the high-tech world.

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