Beginning App Development: Get Prepared for Your First Project

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Get prepared for app development with Magora

In this article we will discuss each stage of our work, so that you get an understanding of what should be done before beginning the app creation process.



Negotiations before app development


When you approach Magora, be prepared to face many questions about your project - we always start things off with an interview to understand the overall idea, determine the needs of users and outline the business goals you aim to achieve with the help of the future application.

What we expect from you

  • Describe the main purpose and functionality and some additional features. You can specify preferred platforms, technologies, programming languages, device parameters, etc.

What we provide

  • At this stage, we identify your needs. We arrange the features of the app by priority, identifying the key ones that are implemented first. We sign an NDA to protect your idea and rights. We prepare a formalised description of your requirements and proceed to the discovery phase.



Analytics in software development


At this stage, we undertake an in-depth market analysis and study the existing analogues to your app. As a result, we create a detailed software requirement specification (SRS) and a feature map based on the SRS, set the project timeframe, estimate the development cost and sign a contract.

The Feature Map is used throughout the development cycle to assess, schedule and set project objectives.

How you can help

  • Give feedback on the compliance of the Feature Map with your expectations. Also at this stage, you can expand the list of functions by adding something that was not specified in the initial interview. Get acquainted with the specs, give feedback and sign the contract.

What we do

  • We are completing the SRS. We agree on terms and estimate the cost of development. We prepare the contract.



app architecture


When it comes to mobile app development architecture, the first thing we do is identify potential users and study the usage scenarios and the app’s logic. After that, we estimate the target audience and determine the key and secondary functions for implementation. We invest time and effort in conducting quality control and evaluating the scalability of the product. The result of this stage is the creation of an interactive mockup.

How you can control our progress

  • Test the mockup and tell us whether its functionality matches up with your expectations. You also need to approve one of the design concepts.

What's the result?

  • A black-and-white interactive prototype, as well as two colour design concepts with 2 or 3 main screens in each.



ui/ux design


The next step is creating a graphical user interface and modelling user experience. Using the full list of functions from the specs, we think about how users will interact with the app and determine what buttons and functionality should appear on each of the screens.

What we ask you to do

  • Approve the distribution of functionality on the map of screens and provide feedback on usage scenarios.

Magora's impact

  • We study the target audience and determine possible scenarios of user interaction with the application. Based on these studies, we outline the template design and functionality of each screen. We then create a map of interaction screens.



app design


The graphical interface layout is specified and expanded with the help of visual design. We work on the design of each screen in detail: the main and additional screens, buttons, icons, tips, pop-ups, etc. We carefully test each interface for usability. Based on the test results, we improve the interface design.

Waiting for your feedback

  • As always, you outline suggestions and general comments. When you’re satisfied with the result, you approve the design.

Our Solution

  • An interactive prototype with all screens and the full design, executed in colour, with clickable buttons and fully integrated screens.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


MVP creation


Our developers write the code, creating the first working version of the product (most often, it’s an MVP). After conducting a series of manual and automated tests, we make adjustments and then provide you with a functioning app. We download web applications and systems to the cloud host / server - mobile applications for iOS onto the Apple Developer Account or Apple’s TestFlight and programs for Android onto the Google Developer Account or Test Flight.

Your efforts

  • Test the app and give feedback on its operation and functionality.

Final work from Magora

  • The first version of the app, ready for launch (or MVP).

Post-Launch Service


post-launch services


Based on your suggestions and Feature Map, we add new features and release updates to maximise the value of your product for users. Have a look at the infographics on our post-launch activities or get in touch to discuss your project.



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