QA Testing: How We Do It

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Why do we even need testing if the product seems “alright”? - you might ask; - We’ll save up on resources and get away with it! Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

You drop the testing, straight up launch a mediocre product and not long after, realise that software have to be redeveloped. The question now is - How to avoid this mess?

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of quality assurance routine together.

What Is So Special About Our Technic?

The goal as we know it - to provide an efficiently working digital solution. To do so we apply our expertise to the fullest. Each step of the development goes along with quality assurance team making their input by go-no-go testing.

Starting Off

  • Initiating the process it is crucial to identify the type of testing to ensure the ultimate quality. It can be manual, automation testing, etc. The key is to find the right approach to a specific product.
  • Already at the pre-development stage, we plan all checking procedures and point out, where the tests should be implemented.
  • Then, based on software functionality and embedded features our company’s developers and QA-specialists proceed to create test cases.

Work In Progress

  • In course of every sprint (short development process) each of the logically completed products is passed over to the QA team that runs testing on the build (current version of software) detecting errors in their performance. There are many kinds of tests: usability, performance, security, compliance, device testing, etc.
  • As a new piece of software is ready it goes through the same process and adds to the existing build.

If everything works perfectly and no mistakes are detected in the code, we move forward. However if the response is negative and a part of product malfunctions, the developers have to fix every bug there is and go over them once again.

  • When all pieces have already been checked - it is time for regressive testing. The last procedure verifies if all developed and tested components still perform the same after being changed and it had no effect on the existing features.

Finishing up

  • At the end stage we make sure everything works perfectly and the interface is easily navigated.
  • Final step is to compile a test summary report for the client to have all important details uncovered in the process, such as statistics from the incident reports and quality of the software system and test effort. It includes all types of performed testing and the overall timespan.

Alltime Support

We follow a SCRUM development model, when testing is an integral part of the process from the beginning to the end. This way, our talented team can provide QA support at any point of software creation, 24 hours a day. We prefer safe and solid results without taking a risk of wasting client’s investments and time. No other way will guarantee product’s advanced functionality and UI besides contributing to QA.

Testing, That You Can Do Yourself

Expert Testing

There are multiple ways you can check your product’s efficient functionality at different stages of product life.

Some of the methods are widely practiced among leading development companies, others are popular among the business owners. Let’s take a look at the ones we found the most interesting:

Testing on Paper

Simple paper prototypes are questionable in their “interactiveness”, but are much faster to create. Just in a couple of hours you can draw the interface and test it out, instead of digital development, that takes up one or two days minimum.

Interactive Prototypes

Such testing approach is broadly used in development as it is usually made very similar to the end-product.

Prototypes With Appealing UI

Perfect for testing the design and analysing user’s response to it.


Testing of the minimum viable product that determines malfunctioning and after the bug fix can be implemented with additional functionality.

Big Data Testing

A solution for big companies. It requires a hastily put-together beta version of the product and huge traffic that in the end shows if the software works properly.

Testing of the Existing Product

Find an identical product on the market and test it on the target audience. Good for creating the solution, similar to your competitor’s one. Bad for original ideas.

If you still have doubts - our development team can consult on a suitable strategy. Build your solution on a solid foundation!

Be Sure  

So, do you share our approach to software development, when QA is a necessity? Are you ready to let our specialists spend every now and then on testing during the process of software creation? Or do you want to waste half a year on rebuilding an ill-done development solution? The decision is after you.

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A seasoned technology expert and agile advocate, Alex brings over a decade of transformative expertise in the IT sector
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