iOS 11 & Android Oreo: What To Expect?

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iOS 11 & Android Oreo: new platforms and new challenges

Two of the most popular development platforms are coming up with new updates - iOS11 and Android Oreo. We want you to be prepared for the upcoming changes and necessary actions. So let’s take a closer look.

iOS 11

Apple takes its next big step in software release, and brings several new features to the iOS development platform.

Main New Features of iOS 11:

  • Drag&Drop Allows users to move text, photos and files from one app to another.
  • File Management Makes it a lot easier to organise, store, browse and search files; they are all kept in one place!
  • Design Optimisation  Apple introduces changes in layouts of the control centre, lock screen and keyboard. A new customised dock will advance iPads’ to the level of computer functionality - now you can switch between files and apps by scrolling.
  • MusicKit Developer receives a possibility to integrate Apple Music features into their apps, providing access to over 40 million songs.
  • Core ML A feature that simplifies the creation of smarter apps with powerful machine learning.
  • SiriKit Advances in recognition and artificial intelligence - Siri becomes even more natural!
  • ARKit New iOS introduces a toolkit to make augmented experiences more interactive.
With this feature, you can place virtual objects on the top of real-world objects, meaning that E-commerce apps can use these tools to the fullest and allow buyers to try the items virtually before they buy. Not bad is it?

Major Changes And Drawbacks of Not Upgrading to iOS-11

Xcode warnings should be checked and corrected

If the programming code of your application doesn’t correspond with the newest platform, then Apple doesn’t guarantee efficient app functionality. The errors in code will be invisible for regular users, but developers will immediately detect multiple Xcode warnings. As an example, Apple transitions to operating only on 64-bit devices, rendering obsolete 32-bit ones. Sadly, iOS 11 will no longer support and send updates for iPhone 5 and 5C (as these are 32-bit phones) meaning some of the applications will either stop working or perform poorly.

Permissions should be tested and upgraded

For iOS-based devices, each of the tools such as Camera, Messages or Maps demand a separate permission to be used by an app. Following future updates, the system can occasionally malfunction on later versions of iOS. As a result, some of the permission requests, which were not in demand, are necessary for iOS11. Without updating your app to the latest version of the Apple platform, the software could occasionally break down, as users won’t be able to grant these permissions.

Swift code modules: update to Swift 4 needed

Apple has changed the demands for programming syntax, opting for a new standard - Swift4. To stay in accordance with the latest requirements, the whole application programming code should now be updated by developers. What they can do is actualise Swift 3 by correcting code errors, but that won’t solve the problem in the long run. Thus, if you continue using the previous version on the new iOS platform and leave the outdated code intact, it will lead to bugs and the program malfunctioning.

Third Party Libraries: for iOS-11 new versions required

Library update is something that goes hand-in-hand with every new iOS. In order to have a better working software performance, developers have not only just added new features, but also corrected some bugs, improving the collections of codes in the libraries with each step. As a result, neglecting new library update will leave your software with several imperfections.

Check System Library’s Efficiency

To be sure that your application can operate properly, using a broad range of iOS11 functions, you need to test its compatibility, not only with new third-party libraries, but also with system libraries as well. As an example, the latest version will introduce “Files” app that uses iCloud, so you will have to test its operativity with iCloud library.

AppStore Modernisation

In addition to everything mentioned above, you will see visual AppStore modernisation, including new designs, sections, improvements in layout, etc. Moreover, with the all-new AppStore it is now possible to customise your search to improve browsing experience and discover engaging and helpful applications that are perfect for you!

So, there are a lot of arguments in favouring of having your app upgraded to the new iOS-11 platform. And just a couple of weeks before iOS will be launched, we expect to tap our way onto a new Android Oreo operating system. Without further ado, let’s dive into Android updates as well.

Android Oreo

New update - Android Oreo has just hit the market, so let’s take a closer look at the features that Android has to offer.

Android Oreo - new features

New Features of Android Oreo:

  • Pinned shortcuts allow users to quickly start a specific task in your app.
  • Picture-in-picture enables users to open multiple screens at once, enhancing the workflow. If you need to check info while entering payment data, just open two screens and enjoy the simplicity!
  • Adaptive icons, downloadable fonts, autosizing TextView and autofill for workflow optimisation.
  • Background execution limits for the apps to consume fewer resources.
  • Notification Dots will have some changes in the visual display.

Major Changes For Developers and Entrepreneurs

Each of these features by itself doesn’t significantly change the overall user and developer performance, but together they optimise business processes and integrate an innovative working experience for employers and employees.

Android Oreo and Business

These are just a couple of examples of how to incorporate new Android Oreo features into your business routine:

  • Use picture-in-picture mode to deliver ultimate experiences during presentations and training - watch the slides and take notes on business plan;
  • Make your payments and see the verification codes in picture-in-picture mode.
  • Dot-notifications is incredibly beneficial for corporate usage. Be sure to control all the important meetings and conferences. You will never miss one with Dots’ new technology in your pocket.

Take Your Chance

Latest software upgrades always give you a chance to remind customers about your services. The users who opt for the newest operating system are often some of the most innovative and wealthiest businesses around the market. Thus, the necessary audience is already being targeted, just waiting for your product to be introduced to them.


Don’t worry too much about your app's functionality, if it is already placed in AppStore or Google Play - it will work! Let our developers check your program code and update it. So, we can guarantee stability, invulnerability, and efficiency for your app users. Seamless app work and the users’ great experience will save time for your personnel and bring more revenue to your business.   

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A seasoned technology expert and agile advocate, Alex brings over a decade of transformative expertise in the IT sector
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