How to Build Quality Organic BackLinks?

SEO Guide: How to Build Organic Links to Your Website?

SEO: how to build back links?

Backlinks are an important factor recognised by all search engines. The recent changes to the Google Penguin 4.0 Algorithm introduced in September 2016 has had a great impact on the Google SERPs (Google's search engine results). From now on it is more important than ever to be authoritative in Google’s eyes and to focus on getting qualitative links from reputable domains. 

We have made a list of the many ways to build quality backlinks utilising smart strategies without spamming, which will help you to attract more users to your website and to create a good reputation for the Google SE.

38 SEO Techniques That Will Bring You Quality Backlinks

Social Links

  • Post valuable content with links on file sharing sites
  • Promote your content on social media
  • Comment on blogs and websites related to your area of business
  • Be active on forums: start relevant threads and link to your posts on the topic
  • Place links to your website in your forum signatures, but make sure that you comment on authoritative forums
  • Social bookmarks are backlinks too, so do not ignore Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • Take part in discussion boards and webinars
  • Ask questions related to your industry on Q&A websites like Yahoo Answers, and Quora is another good example too, and link to your website
  • Answer similar questions and provide links to your website as a source of information
  • Work on making your website go viral on social bookmarking platforms, it can bring you a great amount of quality links from reputable sources
  • Many forums have a website review board, so take a chance and review your website
  • Write controversial posts, they are likely to attract attention, but do not go too far

Guest Posts

  • Submit guest posts to other blogs and websites
  • Create a Wikipedia page about your company
  • Exchange links with other businesses in your niche but keep it natural
  • Submit your links to top niche directories
  • Network with other businesses in your niche
  • Submit your articles to StumbleUpon
  • Send press releases about your business’s important news. Another good idea is making a comparison of various products or services in your niche and sending a press release on this topic
  • Review relating products and companies and they might provide you with a backlink in return
  • Participate in interviews and interview other prominent business people - they will be willing to share a post with their interview on their websites and social media accounts
  • Provide testimonials for marketers with a link to your website, they will likely link you back
  • Submit your content to .gov and .edu websites - Google loves them a lot and gives preference to backlinks from these sites
  • Blog about prominent people in your industry

Useful Tools

  • Develop a great tool or an app and the users will link to you in their reviews
  • Release a simple app or a compilation of articles in .exe format and send it to software websites
  • Release a browser extension and make a page on your website about it - Internet users will obviously link to it
  • Release a free WordPress plugin with a link to your website, just make sure that the anchor text is not site wide
  • Submit your rss feed to rss directories


  • Launch a contest and make linking to your website one of the requirements
  • Or sponsor a contest
  • Donate to charity platforms and they will likely backlink to you
  • Launch a big product and announce it publicly
  • Interlink to your website while posting news or blog entries on your website
  • Use the opportunities of web 2.0 to promote your site
  • Supply famous people with your products and services
  • Design an award and give it to the top players in a related industry, they will link back to you
  • And last, but not least - just make the news at whatever the cost!

As you can see, backlinking is all about great content, good relations with relating businesses and useful tools and apps. Whether you wish to develop an efficient program, a browser extension or a mobile application that will create a lot of buzz around your business and ensure you rank high in the Google search results.

If you have any questions about this or other topic, we are always at your



Mia Lewis
December 15, 2017
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