Magora’s blog news: Mishaps of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Note

Unlucky Number Seven: The Mishaps of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7

smasung galaxy note 7 vs iphone 7

The whole world has recently been talking about the new top-notch smartphones by the two mobile giants, who seem to be having a streak of misfortune. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has a major issue with its battery catching fire and exploding while on charge. Meanwhile, the seventh generation of Apple’s iPhones have aroused indignation and outrage among smartphone users because of the decision to get rid of a headphone jack, and practically introducing the good old iPhone 6 with only minor alterations, as noted by many fans and experts.

The two first-class innovative devices have attracted attention of the whole world because of their two very different problems. But which mishap is graver? Let us explore Apple’s and Samsung’s problems and see whether the digital corporations are doomed, or whether this was just an accidental misstep.

iPhone 7: No Big Thing

The most controversial decision made by Apple is to remove the standard audio port, which was replaced with a second speaker, giving the phone stereo sound.

This radical change is surprising because the 3.5mm jack is standard for most devices and have been part of iPhones since their introduction in 2007. To relieve the misery of many outraged users, Apple said that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be shipped with EarPods, a wired headset that came with the previous iPhone models. EarPods can be plugged into a lightning adaptor, shipped with the device. Apple practically does not give any option for the users who wish to stay with classical wired headphones because carrying around a massive adaptor is not very convenient, to say the least.

The 3.5 mm jack gives room for the second speaker, which provides for stereo sound. If you are not willing to buy the brand new AirPods, you can go for a Bluetooth headset that will be produced by Beats Electronics - the company was bought by Apple two years ago.

As for other upgrades to the devices, they are not so radical. Apple slightly enhanced the overall performance, upgraded the cameras, the processor and released a new version of the iOS.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Disaster

Apart from the presentation of the new iPhone, the media has been swamped with news of the Galaxy Note 7 exploding batteries, which went on fire due to the battery overheating. The last straw for the South Korean company Samsung has been an incident with a 6-year-old-boy from New York who ended up in a hospital after a Galaxy Note 7 exploded in his hands.

As a result, Samsung has found itself in a really problematic situation that few major brands had ever experienced before - there are hardly any devices that have had such a bad start as the Note 7.

The fiasco could not come at a worse time. Samsung has already recalled 2.5 million devices it has sold since its release in August. The company advertised the product as a “powerful instrument for achievement and self-expression, made for those who want to get the most from their phones”. Galaxy Note 7 can boast the following innovations:

  • iris scanner, one of the most secure technologies existing today
  • an impressive curved display
  • support of HDR video playback
  • 12 MP dual photodiode camera with a 4x faster autofocus and an all new low-light sensor
  • one of the most cutting-edge mobile processors ever created.

Samsung vs Apple: Whose Fail Is More Epic?

With all the buzz around the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it is likely that many Samsung users, who are forced to part with their devices and send them back to the manufacturer, will switch to Apple’s smartphones. Needless to say, the fact that you may have some problems with your old headsets is nothing compared to the accident with a child being burnt by a phone.

While the two major smartphone manufacturers are dealing with their problems, it is still not clear whether this unfortunate situation will somehow affect mobile software. Most experts assure that Samsung’s big failure will hardly stop developers from building apps for Android, as it reaches far beyond Samsung hardware. As for Apple, we have no other option than to deal with an awkward headset adapter and hope that the comments of the outraged users will reach the company’s executives.

Anyway, this Friday the new iPhone will be available in stores and very soon Samsung will replace all the defective items. Despite its problems, both the smartphones are highly innovative and offer many advantages to ordinary users, businesses and developers. Which one do you prefer? Whether you choose Samsung over Apple, or iOS over Android, our developers are proficient in both and are always glad to help with advice on software development for your business.


Tom Dicson
January 21, 2018
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