How to Choose a CMS for your Site

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How to Choose a CMS for your Site

Today we will discuss the most popular CMS solutions and provide tips on how to choose the right one for your website.

The Engine is the Core

Despite the variety of existing CMS platforms today, there is no optimal solution that could prove suitable for the successful implementation of both a convenient interface for your promo site, e-commerce project, online store etc. and its security and data storage invulnerability.

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you can always move the site from one to another, but this requires not only time but also additional financial expense. This is why it’s important to chose the CMS at the planning stage.

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Depending on your purpose, the developer of your chosen resource will offer you this or that platform. Here at Magora we don’t often work with ready-made CMS solutions, due mainly to the vulnerability of open-source systems, but we’ve prepared a short review of the most popular systems today so to help you get a general overview of the available options and their pros and cons.

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wordpress cms


Originally, WordPress was positioned as an engine exclusively for blogs. Over time, however, its capabilities have significantly expanded. Today there are many online stores created on the basis of it.


  • Availability of detailed documentation;
  • Large number of paid and free plugins with which you can implement almost any idea and greatly expand the functionality of the site;
  • Convenient control panel, understandable even to newbies;
  • Large selection of paid and free themes for website design;


  • Standard configuration is quite scant;
  • Standard bundle is very vulnerable to virus attacks;

When to choose

This CMS can be the best option if you’re looking for easy administration. The use of WordPress provides a wide-ranging but at the same time simple functionality. WordPress is ideal for blogs or news sites, but, as we’ve already mentioned, is also used for other types of web resources.

Read more about the difference between WordPress and custom CMS solutions.



joomla cms


Joomla is one of the most popular free platforms. This engine makes both standard business cards and fully-fledged online stores.


  • Active community of users and developers who are happy to answer questions and give recommendations;
  • Multiple themes for personalised website design;
  • Variety of extensions and modules to complement the functionality of the site.


  • Fairly complex control panel with which a typical user cannot always cope;
  • Vulnerability of the engine to virus attacks, as well as the actions of unscrupulous competitors;

When to choose

Joomla is the best solution if you’re looking for a content management system with advanced features and functionality. It also provides a more flexible website structure than WordPress.

You can opt for Joomla to build a community, corporate site, or site with e-commerce functions.



Drupal cms


Unlike the previous two engines, Drupal offers extensive functionality.


  • Different modules for expanding the website functionality;
  • Many companies offer website development and support on a commercial basis


  • Impractical for creating simple sites;
  • Overly complex site management structure.

This is a functional but technically complicated tool for designing highly versatile and advanced sites.

Drupal is often used for websites that require complex data organisation: for online stores, blogs, forums, corporate websites and communities.

When to Choose a Custom CMS

Planning to constantly add content to your site? Need sophisticated functionality? Have a highly loaded project? Welcome to custom development. At Magora we can easily implement a content management system which totally covers your demands and can be integrated with the existing IT tools. Based on your existing software, we can develop the CMS in PHP or Node.js, or in other high-level programming languages already in common use by your IT department. And finally, it will be the most flexible and high-performance solution for your service. We are ready to prove it and answer your questions. Just drop us a line.











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