Interview with Magora Systems

Our director of business development, Mikhail Chuprinsky, has been interviewed by Clutch, one of the leading portals for digital outreach and design. Clutch is a meeting place, where bespoke software, web and app developer companies unite with business owners, investors and general managers from the private sector to create a long and stable relations.

Mikhail gave a brief history of our company, Magora Systems, offered some recommendations for choosing a reliable partner and highlighted future perspectives of both the mobile app industry and Magora. Mikhail further explained the basic principles of our work: understanding business value, trust and cooperation with customers to achieve the effective solutions each client's company needs.

In the interview, Mikhail also answered the questions :

  • How does the Magora business model and project management generate value for our clients?
  • What defines a successful project?
  • Can you give us a case study or a success story?

You can read the full interview at

Tatyana A.
November 06, 2015
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