Tech News Catch-Up: From iOS 11 to the Periodic Table of SEO

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Tech News Summer 2017

This year’s summer started off with exciting news and events. B2B Marketing Ignite 2017 is coming to London in a few days,  iOS 11 was announced at the WWDC and a group of SEO experts shared their research into SEO ranking factors.

Here’s a brief rundown of selected stories from this month.

iOS 11

At the WWDC conference on 5 June, Apple unveiled its iOS 11 and released a beta version for developers. Let’s check out the main specs of the operating system.  

  • Apple Pay. The new app for money transfer will be available from iMessage. Money can be transferred to an Apple “Cash Card”.
  • Camera. Apple is moving to the HEVC video standard, which will help you economise on space on your device.  HDR and OIS will be available in portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, meaning higher photo quality in low-light conditions. The camera now also recognises QR codes.
  • Apple Music. Apple Music has become more social - users can share their favourite tracks with others directly from the application and peek into their friends’ playlists.
  • Swipe down for lock screen. The lock screen with all notifications can now be accessed by simply swiping down on the home screen.  
  • Messages. All your messages will now be synced to iCloud, which means that you will get all your messages on a new phone and can delete an unwanted message from all devices in one click.
  • Redesigned App Store. The App Store in iOS 11 has a new design that is very similar to Apple Music. There is now a special section for in-app purchases and two different sections for games and apps.
  • More minor feature updates. The podcast app has had a revamp; you can finally type to search in Siri and start screen recording by pushing a button in the Control Center.

iOS 11 has already received a lot of positive feedback from its initial users. According to 9to5mac’s survey, half consider it a better update than iOS 10. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Is SEO a science? Well, sometimes it may seem like advanced maths or nuclear physics, especially to someone with little experience. Search Engine Land has attempted to make SEO easier to understand by structuring all the factors that have an impact on search engine success into a periodic table. Some of these are more influential than others and deliver both positive and negative results. What are they?

  • Positive Factors
    • Content quality
    • Crawl optimisation
    • HTML titles
    • Background research for content
    • Mobile optimisation
    • Authority
    • Link quality
    • Visitor country
    • Visitor locality
  • Negative Factors
    • Paid links
    • Spammy links
    • Cloaking

These factors definitely make sense, but it’s always better to check the facts. Here’s a simple SEO testing technique: create two websites where everything is similar except one of the factors mentioned above, for example, one website that has a mobile version, and another that doesn’t, ask Google and look at the results. The one that ranks higher on SERP wins. (The major disadvantage is that such tests take time to be implemented, as Google indexing and ranking doesn't happen in the blink of an eye.)

B2B Marketing Ignite 2017

On 22 June the Business Design Center in London will host the largest B2B conference in the world - B2B Marketing Ignite. The event will touch on many useful topics:

  • Insights into influencer marketing
  • Digital transformation of business
  • From high-tech to human touch
  • The key to engagement-driven marketing
  • Add some OOMPH! to your marketing comms: revealing the creative secrets of some award-winning campaigns

Don’t waste the opportunity to meet some of the brightest minds in the industry.

 Keep track of our blog updates and get in touch if you have something to share or ask. It’s always nice to hear from you.

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