CeBIT 2014: Some Common Stuff and Mind-blowing Impressions

As our plane was landing in Hannover, Germany, we knew we were about to participate in the largest and most internationally represented technology and IT event. The CeBIT show is, indeed, impressive. It features 16 halls of top-notch technology innovations and breakthrough companies. With pole-dancing robots, electronic avatars and striking artificial intelligence inventions, the trade-show was a great attraction. Not to mention that organisers have delivered a heavy-hitting line-up of speakers, with British PM David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Apple co-founder Steve 'Woz' Wozniak.

Now let’s see what we’ve done there. With visitors coming from over 25 countries, this show is a great way to reach out to partners and potential clients from all over the world. Our primary focus was on companies that provide IT services, Web and Mobile Solutions. Our team exchanged views with InterVenture (German outsourcing company), Mindmash (UK web development studio with their own enterprise social network), Trend Micro (German software development company) and others.

CeBIT 2014 hosted a lot of product companies, so we offered our expertise to extend their existing web services to mobile devices. Our managers had substantive talks with such companies as Spiceworks (US professional social network of IT guys), Econscribi (Danish project for e-recruiting), 51 degrees (UK company that provides mobile website optimization services) and others.

Now let’s take our minds off this formal and tedious stuff and immerse into a personal insight of our Sales Manager, Alexey Galaktionov, who became really infatuated with the CeBIT show.

"Before coming to CeBIT 2014 I heard that it was the largest IT event in the world. But I couldn't even imagine how big it was! The whole complex (Hannover Messe) is like a small city! Another striking thing is the attitude of the big players towards the exhibition. Such companies as SAP, Microsoft, T-Mobile had huge stands (with free drinks and snacks). For example, the T-Mobile stand was so big that it featured its own television studio with live broadcasting on a giant TV-screen. And, of course, you can't but notice what a great number of people visit the show! From students to influential businessmen, all are gathered together in the IT city called CeBIT 2014."

Alexey Galaktionov, Sales Manager at Magora Systems

Elizaveta G.
December 03, 2017
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