Interview with Clutch - Creator of the 2018 Directory of Top Mobile App Developers

Interview with Aaron Morales, rep for Clutch

Our guest speaker for today is Mr. Aaron Morales, R&D officer for Clutch, one of the leading platforms regularly compiling ratings of the best software and mobile app developers for different countries and regions.

We discussed the latest news with Aaron and are ready to share this information with you, our readers.

- Mr. Morales, what are the main aims of your group?

- Our goal is to help start-up companies, as well as large enterprises, find suitable business partners.

- Mr. Morales, how did Clutch became so well-known around the world? We have information that even in Australia your R&D ratings are very popular.

- Our company’s been carrying out various research for more than eight years. During this time we have greatly improved our approach to collecting reviews and worked out a strong methodology for the comparison of different IT firms and marketing agencies, providing our site visitors with relevant data about the main software and web developers in the US, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

- How are the Clutch Ratings formed? 

- It’s a matter of our know-how - we rank companies based on the quantity and quality of reviews from real customers. We take the time to speak with clients of the companies in phone interviews that are designed to get an accurate and thorough understanding of what it’s like working with a development team.

We then assess each of the development companies based on 100+ factors, including their proficiency in a concrete industry, such as mobile add development, or IoF technology. One of the most important factors is the clients’ satisfaction.

- Who provides the reviews for Clutch? The development companies themselves?

- To collect the reviews, we contact each of the real app owners directly, asking them about the latest implemented project and their level of satisfaction with the development team. Our interviewers collect feedback about each of the software agencies represented on our pages, in order to help site visitors find a reliable source of information about the proficiency of each of the IT companies and marketers.  

Our editors ask questions about timing, quality, price, satisfaction. Each factor is evaluated via a five-star system. When choosing a company from the Clutch top rankings, you can be sure that it works well with customers and that you won’t have any critical problems.

- Do you have some fresh releases?

- We’ve recently published a new report, in which we named Magora among the best mobile app developers of 2018 in the UK. Our specialists created a list of companies for analysis based on more than 100 qualitative and quantitative criteria, including market presence, company experience, technical skills and positive customer reviews.

Our new global rating of mobile developers features Magora in 18th place, while the TOP1000 companies in the world includes Magora in 55th place. My congratulations to your team, and thanks for letting me be your guest.  

I look forward to seeing the continued success of Magora in the new year and wish all of your readers a Merry Christmas.



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