FAQ: Top 7 questions about software developer

Top 7 Questions about Software Developers

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Who are Software Developers?

A software developer is an IT specialist, a programmer, who builds programs and IT platforms for automating work, processing large volumes of information and complicated mathematical tasks with the help of computer science.

who are software developers


According to their skill level developers can be divided into the following three groups:

  • Junior developers are young specialists with little experience who have just started working in a chosen technological area. They generally need the support of a more advanced specialist as well as constant learning. They have a basic knowledge of programming and an understanding of frameworks and are capable of working with databases and building prototypes.

  • Mid-level developers are responsible for the quality and timely execution of development tasks. They have knowledge of particular languages and appropriate libraries and frameworks, client-server technologies, browser operation, database management and security components. As a rule, they have a higher level of education, although this is not a critical indicator – what’s critical is the knowledge and experience at their disposal.

  • Senior Developers are the most independent and have enough experience to make the right solutions, completing tasks as well as mentoring younger employees. They are responsible for the quality and timeliness of the development work; possess deep, structured knowledge and the work carried out within the project team; perform such tasks as creation of project specifications, control and often independent completion of small projects and internal sub-projects (modules), programming and basic component testing. As a rule, they have completed higher education. They know the methods and tools of analysis and design, software engineering processes and markup languages, have a deep understanding of client-server technology, browser work, web and application servers, databases, operating systems and office suites and can monitor other developers and assign tasks.

Another category to understand when it comes to software development is programming languages. There are several popular programming languages, such as С#, C++, JS, Python, Swift, PHP (read more here).

A programming language is the main tool of programmers with which they solve tasks.

  • A junior developer must be fluent in at least one programming language.
  • Mid-level and senior developers should know at least one programming language perfectly. However, as situations inevitably arise where the use of a specialised or subject-oriented language is more justified, mid-level and senior developers usually know several additional ones.
  • The more programming languages a developer knows and can apply, the better fit he or she can be for an IT company when it comes to solving particular tasks, provided by businesses, taking into account all the relevant requirements and limitations.

To learn more about business applications, follow the link.

What’s the Difference Between Frontend and Backend Developers?

  • Front-end developers are responsible for interaction with users and for making their experience more convenient. What people see when they access a site or application is made by front-end programmers. They are also responsible for the design. Their languages are JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Back-end developers are focused on the processes that make the software work. In other words, they deal with everything that relates to the program-administrative part of  web app development, the internal content of the system and the server technologies – databases, architecture and program logic.They are also responsible for updates and mistakes correction.

How Much does a Software Developer Make a Year?

software developer salary

The average software developer salary is £30 000 a year.

Programming involves multiple tasks managed by many specialists.

  • High-level specialists work on complex technical projects, monitor the implementation process at all stages, provide consultations and often have a leadership role in the workgroup. Such specialists can make about $140 000 a year.

  • Beginners in software development are the most likely to work as part of a support group, which mainly perform coding and debugging throughout the application development process under the supervision of higher-level specialists. Application programmers and software engineers at the beginner level make about $60 000 a year.

How to Find a Good Software Developer

how to find a developer

Some steps are common across all professions. To find a good specialist you need to look through candidates’ previous experience. Talking of software development in particular, the main achievements are real clients and their feedback about the applications/software solutions created by a software developer.

So, look through the list of developers of programs or apps you like – or the ones which your customers use – and try to find as much information as possible about their previous projects. Also, it is always a good idea to check out companies or freelance specialists your competitors already work with.

There are certain sites for finding freelancers in the IT sphere:

However, if you’re planning a big project with complex technical requirements, a freelancer won’t the best choice. For professional execution of the whole cycle of development: from architecture to prototyping, programming, compilation, testing and online launch, you need not only an app programmer but designers and testers as well. So, the best option in this case is to choose a development agency. Read more about how to choose a good software developer.

How do Free App Developers Make Money?

free app monetisation

App owners use different strategies for the monetisation of free apps:

  • Advertising – This is one of the most popular app monetisation strategies. Now that free apps make up 90% of the market, there will always be companies interested in large audiences broken down into narrow target groups. Methods of placing ads can be different. They depend on the overall goal and need to interact with the user and include banners, videos and incentivised messages.

  • Sponsorship A free app can help present the company as a caring and socially responsible organisation. It also can involve customers in closer interaction with the brand and increase loyalty.

  • Direct sales Creators can sell physical purchases and merchandise, which is good for building strong relationships, and also collect and cell data perhaps not so nice, but still profitable.

There are also email marketing and subscriptions, in-app purchases and affiliate income. So, yes, it’s a good idea to create a free app and make money.

Can you Become a Software Programmer without a Degree?

become a developer without a degree

Yes, you can, but you need to be clear about your goals.

Big companies like, for example, Google have plenty of high-level specialists who want to work for them. When interest and thus competition are high, education can play a crucial role in choosing a candidate. So, if your goal is to become a part of a big corporation, you’ll have to get a degree in computer science or a similar discipline such as maths or information system management.

However, if you’re simply interested in the process and ready to work in a small company or a startup, here are a few steps for you:

  • Choose a programming language to learn. You can pick from a few the most popular, as the better you know one of them the easier it is to translate to others.

  • Find a community. Any specialist needs an environment to grow. In a community you will find people who can in some way replace the student interaction aspect of the education process. It is very important to be among people who are interested in the same things as you are and to develop together.

  • Start working on real projects. Fake it ‘til you make it, they say. Maybe some company needs an intern to work and study at the same time or the brother of your father’s second wife is good at programming (ask if you can participate in any of his projects).

  • Never stop practicing. It's not the hours you waste on campus, it's time you spend on building projects, testing them and cultivating professional networks.

Read more opinions on whether you can become a software developer without a university degree here.

Who is a Good Business Application Developer?

who is a good app programmer

Business apps are multifunctional software systems designed to automate key business functions and processes. Such applications improve the daily routine of an enterprise, reduce the paperwork and improve the overall management procedures.

A good business application developer is a top professional, one who is able not only to build a highly functional business tool but to investigate a company’s working processes, discern its strengths and weaknesses, understand what those involved need and find the right solutions to the problems business face.

Who was the First Software Developer?

Heroes of the Past

Opinions vary as to who came first. However, the person credited for coining the term "software development" is Margaret Heafield Hamilton.

She learned to write code while working on a system to predict weather and to detect enemy planes. This would lead to her being the first programmer hired by NASA to develop the software that would help to send the man to the moon.

Who’s on Top Today?


top development team

Speaking of modern developers and looking for the first or the best of them, the right way to find the truth is to check independent ratings of top software developers on websites such as clutch.com. There you can find out who’s number one in the UK or in any other country, as well as who’s the best at mobile app development, web design or any other domain you’re interested in.

You can also find our team in the first lines of various ratings of the best development companies so if you have more questions about software developers or are looking for tech advice from a real professional, we’re always ready to back up your development plans and help you find the right answers.

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