Bespoke Mobile Apps: Why a Development Company Outdoes Full Stack Developers

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Why a Custom Mobile App Company is a Better Choice for Businesses

While there has always been a place for full-stack developers in software programming, it will most likely be difficult to find a programmer who can do everything for your company, and such a person is not necessarily the best choice any more. If you do turn to a full-stack developer for your custom mobile apps, you will encounter varying degrees of success.

If you are a business owner, understanding the reason why a development company is now a good idea, starts by looking back at how software programming has evolved.

The Evolution in Programming Applications

Most software development started during the pre-web- late 1970s, it was perfectly feasible at that time for a single person to write a complete software program from start to finish. But with client/server computing, and then internet computing in the late 1990s, technology became more complex; a specialist in each different tier was often required. By the mid 2000s, software development became increasingly expensive as numerous experts specializing in each tier were required to work together.

Then came the second generation of the World Wide Web. Programmers switched to the more straightforward LAMP stack; for example, consisting of Linux, Apache, MySQL,and PHP/Python/Perl. New approach helped to simplify deployment, automate the layer between the website and the database, and provide turnkey networking.

Modern day Full Stack

Now fast forward to modern day, and software products can now be deconstructed into a stack; each tier within the stack could have different technologies, tools, and languages. When building a custom web application, you will probably want and need full-stack developers who are experts in HTML/CSS, PHP/Java/.Net, MySQL as a minimum; you might also want experts in iOS and Android as well.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a single developer to have the skills and knowledge to program across the whole spectrum of the modern full stack. The problem is that keeping up with the advancements in each of these, and having advanced-level knowledge, is a full-time job in itself.

More complicated technologies mean that an expert is required at each tier to understand the details. Developers are needed that understand each composite part and can connect various tiers; many believe that it is almost impossible for a single developer to program effectively across the full modern stack.This is why a specialist in recommended.

Quality versus Quantity

Often in business, it is a choice between someone who can do everything, or someone who can do one thing really well. This can certainly be the case in web and mobile app design. Being able to do it all is different from being talented or skilled in it all, and nowadays, an expert in individual technologies is required. You will likely want an expert who will spend a significant amount of time discussing your needs with you, and will dedicate their time and resources to prototype and develop to your needs, constantly testing and seeking to improve with the aim of increasing business profits and efficiency. Perhaps you require specialized talent to to build out each component of an application, but being a startup, you don’t have the resources to make this a viable option.

The Solution: app development company

By choosing a company that designs bespoke software and apps your businesses can realize long-standing projects and plans in time. We can help businesses to optimize an existing process, launch a start-up, or develop an entirely new idea with custom mobile apps. Being experts in Android and iOS platforms, and user interface design, Magora uses a personalized approach to create customized app solutions to meet each individual business’s needs. We understand both business and technology, and our experts spend a significant amount of time discussing your needs with you so that the app or software we develop provides an appropriate and relevant solution to your problem.

In conclusion, a full-stack developer is generally someone who claims to be specialized in most things from front-end to back-end, has good general knowledge of all steps from concept to finished product. Whilst there is undoubtedly a place for full-stack developers, they are not necessarily the best solution for bespoke apps, as they are not fundamentally, specialists in any one area.

It is wise to consider a company which specializes in what you need. For example, if you need a web or mobile app, working with Magora who are experts in app development can assure you will get the results desired. You shouldn’t go to a large department store if you want any one high quality item, and the same goes for software development in modern times. Contact Magora today for professional advice about your bespoke software solution.

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