jQuery EasyUI in Web: Tips to Make it Work in all Browsers

Some web applications become more user-friendly if their interface is similar to desktop applications. This applies to various economic, business and other applications with many interface elements. JEasyUI can make life easier for those who develop the applications.

jQuery EasyUI framework in web apps

Framework jQuery EasyUI has such useful components as panel, datagrid, menu, combobox, dialog, tree and many other elements.

Using this framework you don’t have to write a lot of javascript code. So your markup becomes clear and easy to understand. In addition, JEasyUI has about 25 themes and it is easy and pleasant to work with.

How to make jQuery EasyUI work in different browsers?

There are two ways to declare components:

  1. Within HTML5

  2. Using JavaScript

However, we had a little trouble with the second way in IE9. There was a layout that consisted of panel and the input field inside this panel. The input field data, loaded via Ajax, strangely jumped out. Markup was the following:

All options were set programmatically within JavaScript. To fix the bug we just rewrote the panel element with the same options using only HTML5:

As a result, the panel looked really nice in all browsers.

Elena P.
May 29, 2013
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